Samsung Galaxy Note 8 starts rolling out in select key markets

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Each phone has its own strengths and weaknesses, though it might be hard to tell what the weaknesses or strengths are for the Pixel 2 XL as there are no confirmed details about it yet. There are many new features and hardware in the iPhone X. But almost all of them - and all of that - are new for an iPhone. Last year, it was reported that the firm would unveil its bendable screen products at the 2017 Mobile World Congress, but it was not seen during the program. Would a Galaxy Note with a flexible display be something you could get behind? The caption you can see in the screenshot above reads, "Galaxy Note8 shoots 4K Ultra High Definition video at 60fps, so everything you capture looks stunning and vibrant".

So, don't hold your breath for a wrap-up smartphone announcement in the coming months. That's the latest promise from Samsung themselves. "The Galaxy Note 8 already utilizes wireless charging, has support for Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream VR, dual camera technology with image stabilization, expandable storage, and the same side-by-side multi tasking Apple proclaimed as innovation at the event". It's the most expensive smartphone Samsung has released so far. However, it also suggests that the update won't have all Oreo features. While other reports over the past few years were behind the scenes, this is the first public confirmation of a foldable display.

It's not just smartphones: The iPhone X matched and even surpassed benchmark scores of some of the company's tablets and laptops. And it's not cheap: It will cost more than $900 in the U.S., according to Reuters. The Note 8 will compete with Apple's 10th-anniversary iPhone models, which will be revealed on Aug. 12. With apps getting bigger in size and heavier to run, it highlights on the importance of big RAM size. Apple says you're supposed to pronounce the iPhone X as "iPhone ten", and it's designed to mark 10 years of the iPhone. Are you excited that the Galaxy Note 8 will finally be able to get UHD-recording capability at 60 frames per second?