Rihanna Launches Her Own Makeup Range Globally

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For the special - where RiRi appears on not one but THREE separate covers, she was interviewed by some of her famous pals including Eminem, Pharrell Williams and more - her answer to David Copperfield's question is the one that stuck out the most... We are women and we have challenges.

Rihanna has spent years refining her go-to makeup technique, testing it backstage, on stage and in real life.

In the visual, Rih also reveals that her "lifelong obsession with makeup" started in childhood after watching her mom put makeup on.

Here's everything we know so far about Fenty Beauty, including where to buy it in Australia.

Rihanna is on the cover of Elle magazine once again and she is taking over the beauty industry with her Fenty Beauty line of cosmetic products.

According to People, Fenty has 40 different shades of foundation and a variety of concealers, primers, blushes and highlighters with shade names such as Trophy Wife, Mean Money, Hu$tla Baby and Girl Next Door.

Then, a handy hexagonal colour chart tells you which four Match Stix and one Killawatt powder are recommended to complement your skin tone.

While Fenty Beauty has been launched to mostly jubilation, some are likening the packaging to Kim Kardashian West's recent KKW Beauty contouring stick empire - both in the shade dubbed millennial pink.

She's managed to create a line that seriously has something for everyone, whether it's her iridescent highlighter sticks, some seriously Instagrammable brushes, or one of those 40 foundation shades.

I wanted things that I love. That was really, really important to me.

Tbh it makes us feel slightly better that even Rihanna has Ri-grets. Extremely passionate, never-say-never and considerate are just some of the words that describe the star and set the tone for the enormous acceptance Fenty Beauty has gotten world over.

First up-makeup. The aesthetic is exactly what we would expect from Rihanna: sleek and modern with a touch of edge in the design. "Her biggest memory growing up was how she looked when she did her makeup the first time for a beauty pageant and it was foundation, she really wanted everybody to feel that feeling she felt when she had her first trial".