Richard Branson Shows The Devastation Caused To His Home By Hurricane Irma

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British billionaire Richard Branson spent the storm in his wine cellar while his island was devastated.

One British family told how they sheltered in a wardrobe as Irma hit their home in Tortola in the British Virgin Islands as a category five storm.

The damage caused by Irma's westward spin through the Caribbean is expected to be devastating to the fragile economies of the region, which are mostly dependent on tourism, financial services, fishing or agriculture.

In the U.S. Virgin Islands, residents of the capital of Charlotte Amalie reported long lines for dwindling supplies of basics such as water, food and gasoline. Remaining mothers and children were flown out Friday in small 40-person capacity planes.

The last airplane flew in to the battered Grande-Case de Saint Martin airport Friday carrying emergency workers to help with reconstruction as well as specialists who aim to re-establish the island's cutoff water supply and electricity. A state of emergency has been declared in the British Virgin Islands where residents spoke of scenes of "total devastation".

"I've been thinking a lot about my old neighborhood in St. Croix, where I recently took my kids", he wrote.

"As the eye [of the storm] passed over, Chouby and I tried to secure a window in the bathroom".

The front gates were "wide open", she added, which would allow prisoners in the minimum-security areas to escape - though she did not confirm any escapes. "People survived by hiding in their bathrooms and in cupboards".

The Foreign Secretary will spend "the coming days" in the region to see the UK's relief effort first-hand, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said. However, a woman from Denver who used to live there is trying to change that and get help for her friends still on the islands. Three RAF flights were yesterday dispatched with more aid and soldiers, while medical staff were sent to a makeshift hospital on board support ship RFA Mounts Bay.

They are classified as British Overseas Territories, inhabited by British Overseas Territories Citizens who have full United Kingdom and European Union citizenship.

"This was the worst of the storms I have been through, and the sea rose much higher", Pulpito said. I haven't detected a sense of violence - some shopkeepers opened up their stores; they just asked people to take only what they need.

"We need help", she says.

European governments came under fire as critics accused them of being slow to respond to crises in their overseas Caribbean territories, where massive damage left thousands homeless as looting broke out in the streets.

On Wednesday night, before Irma hit, Branson said he and his team experienced "howling wind and rain". Many roads are totally blocked and people can not get out of their houses. "It is hard to believe that the death toll will remain at the present level".