"Ready to take charge in 2019", says Rahul Gandhi

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The Congress leader's comments in the United States set off a chorus of protest by the BJP in India with Union Minister Smriti Irani calling him a "failed dynast" and a failed politician. Mr Surjewala said, "It appears that the BJP is talking about Prime Minister Modi who in his visits overseas claimed that for the past 70 years people were ashamed to be called Indians".

"Can Rahul Gandhi appreciate us?" The People of India have given a historic mandate in favour of PM Modi, and that Mr Gandhi's party, largely due to their dynastic politics, was reduced to new low.

While Rahul criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi's politics and policies, he also had a word of praise for him. "That will be catastrophic for India and the world beyond it", he said.

"When it comes to the Nehru-Gandhi family, there have been five generations in the service of the country. If the responsibility is vested in me, I am ready to take it", he added. He added that the Congress has been in the habit of questioning the Prime Minister even while the people continue to reject such strategies of the Opposition party. "The way we design a vision is by having a conversation", Mr. Gandhi said.

Gandhi claimed that for nine years, he had worked behind the scene with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to improve the situation in Kashmir.

The BJP deployed at least half a dozen union ministers, several party spokespersons and various state-level functionaries to slam Gandhi for his alleged inculting remarks for India's prime ministers on a foreign soil. Smriti Irani challenged Rahul Gandhi to debate among the public.

He said it was the Congress which introduced the GST and tried to build national consensus. "In fact, I am with them in their quest for justice, 100 per cent", he said.

As a child, he was friends with Indira Gandhi's Sikh bodyguards who killed her by shooting her 32 times, he said.

"The orientation of Make in India is big business and lot of it is defence.My orientation of Make in India would be small and medium businesses", said Gandhi. That is how India runs.

"So, I do agree with the idea of Make in India.I like it.orientation is slightly different", he added.

Irani called Rahul's comments on dynasty and "anomaly" and condemned them.

"A certain arrogance crept into the Congress party and they stopped having that conversation", he said.

In fact, both Rahul and his party have been routinely raising the demonetisation issue from multiple platforms and recently former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had told the Parliament about the negative impact of the note-ban exercise.

The Congress leader also raised issues like lynching and polarisation during his speech.

Referring to the spate in killings of liberals, Dalits and Muslims across India, Gandhi accused the BJP government for letting violence become mainstream.