North Korea Not a Nuclear Power, Says Putin

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"President Putin and I agreed that resolving the North Korean nuclear issue at the earliest date possible is the most important task", the South Korean leader said of his bilateral talks with the Russian president in the Russian far eastern city of Vladivostok.

Yet asked at the press conference on Tuesday if he was "disappointed" by the downturn in the United States relationship with Russian Federation under Mr Trump, Mr Putin hinted that all was not lost while dismissing the reporter's question as "naive".

Last year, China shipped just over 96,000 tonnes of gasoline and nearly 45,000 tonnes of diesel to North Korea, where it is used across the economy, from fishermen and farmers to truckers and the military. But the USA refused to back down, saying the eviction of the Russian diplomats was a response to enforced staff cuts to the U.S. mission in Russia ordered by Mr Putin in July.

Putin and Russia's trade actions have been placed under a microscope in recent months as tensions grow between North Korea and the West.

Putin added that efforts to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula would be a futile effort, as North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has learned the lessons of previous dictators. That calculation has held even while China's interests have diverged from those of North Korea.

Sunday's test, North Korea's first since Trump took office, was a "perfect success" and confirmed the precision and technology of the bomb, the regime said.

New sanctions against North Korea would be "useless" and "ineffective", Vladimir Putin has said. "We can not resolve this situation without diplomatic tools, without talks", he said.

"Without political and diplomatic tools, it is impossible to make headway". It further raised the stakes and sent Seoul into a war-games mode, with the South Korean military firing ballistic missiles on Monday to simulate an attack on nuclear test sites used by Pyongyang.

These involved the 2,500-ton frigate Gangwon, a 1,000-ton patrol ship and 400-ton guided missile vessels in a show of force that aimed to deter the North. South Korea's Unification Ministry said on Wednesday it was still expecting more activity from the North.

5 Russia's soldiers prepare Russia's air defence system S-400 Triumf launch vehicles on August 13, 2014 in Elektrostal, Russia.

He said: "I believe the situation may enter an uncontrollable state if the North does not halt its provocations".

Other measures could include preventing North Koreans from working overseas and putting top officials on a blacklist aimed at imposing asset freezes and travel bans.

As we reported on Monday, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told an emergency Security Council meeting on Monday that Pyongyang was "begging for war".

Russian Federation and China both hold vetoes on the United Nations Security Council, which is considering new sanctions against Kim Jong Un's regime after it conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test on Sunday.

"Enough is enough", Haley said.

"China will never allow chaos and war on the (Korean) peninsula", he asserted. "But our country's patience is not unlimited". We don't want it now.