Nintendo resurrecting NES Classic, increasing production on Super NES Classic

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After announcing in April its plans to axe the iconic video gaming system, Nintendo officials said Tuesday gamers would be able to purchase new shipments of the retro console and games next summer.

Fans have been pleading with Nintendo to produce more NES Classic Edition microconsoles since they discontinued it earlier this year.

There it is in writing, folks.

Nintendo have confirmed that the NES Classic Edition is going back into production. Could this still sell out?

Speaking of SNES Classic, Nintendo also plans to bump up the number of units that will shipped due to excitement for the system. Fans have caused quite an up roar over the limited amount of Classic Edition consoles, especially after Nintendo's dead of night pre-order debacle.

This morning, Nintendo of Europe tweeted that the upcoming SNES Classic will continue to be available in Europe in 2018. Moreover, the company is also promising more inventory on hand for the September 29 launch date, compared to the NES Classic launch in 2016. Not only that, Nintendo is reprinting the NES Classic, which it abruptly cancelled last winter after it barely made an appearance on store shelves. Follow I4U News on Twitter to not miss the next SNES Classic availability update.

After its release in November past year, it looked like the NES Classic Mini would become a collector's item as Nintendo announced it had halted production despite stock selling out in months. Move ahead a year and Nintendo are planning to release the SNES Classic Edition and it appears it's a case of déjà vu. However, it seems like Nintendo is making a significant effort to produce as many consoles as the people need.