Miami's game at Arkansas State cancelled over Irma concerns

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This is a big missed opportunity for Arkansas State, but ultimately it's just football. "I don't know what to expect".

RENNE: Miami-Dade is the gold standard for evacuation planning in the United States.

There have already been a slew of changes to sports schedules because of Irma.

American said Wednesday that most of the flights out of the area were now sold out, but the company was working to add more. Finance. "I logged in and expected to see $160, and frankly if I had seen $260 I wouldn't have reacted".

Mohajir said a key concern for Miami was travel, and 11:40 p.m. was the earliest flight they could get today.

The NFL has made a decision regarding the status of the Week 1 matchup between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins that was jeopardized due to the pending danger of Hurricane Irma. That's the last Miami team to reach the AFC championship game. Large branches of trees will snap and shallowly rooted trees may be toppled.

The main number right how is 35 mph.

As Reynolds notes, there won't be a time this season to reschedule the game. Other options, such as relocating the game for a Sunday kickoff elsewhere would have taken precious time away from storm preparation. This information is up to date as of Wednesday afternoon, but travelers should check in with their individual airlines for more information.

The league also decided against playing this weekend at a neutral site, perhaps in Pennsylvania. "Trying to board the place and get the hell out of here", he said.

After months of waiting and watching the wild offseason, NFL draft, minicamp, training camp and preseason, the real games are back. We have added several extra flights - from St. Maarten (SXM), St. Kitts (SKB), Providenciales, Turks and Caicos (PLS); and San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU) - in addition to upgrading aircraft when possible. All he could manage was to tell them it is "not good". When bad weather hits, there's typically a surge of last-minute demand. For us, that bye week, it comes at an appropriate time.

RENNE: Absolutely. But I'd say we have a long way to go, especially the pets.

Another event at the venue, the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show, postponed its run from Sept. 10-12 to Oct. 11-13.

The NFL season has finally arrived. The Dolphins canceled their practice and media activities Wednesday.

The owner of a tattoo parlor next door is without shutters, so Chino Mizrachi resorted to using plywood.

"Sixteen straight?" wide receiver Jarvis Landry said.

American Airlines, which has a major hub in Miami, has capped the price of main cabin seats on single leg flights at $99.

"I recognize the disappointment about not having a game", Miami's James said.

SIEGEL: When we talked to people who were urged to evacuate from a hurricane area and didn't, the reasons often are Grandma really can't be moved, and it would be very uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, some fans in Jonesboro, Arkansas seem to be upset about a football game.