Mercedes-AMG Project One: 1000 horsepower, 217 miles per hour

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The Mercedes-AMG Project One promises F1 tech for the road in a way that no other vehicle can match.

Despite the car's price of €2.27 million (£2.08m at current exchange rates) and plans for left-hand drive only, the order book for the most extreme Mercedes-AMG model yet is claimed to be fully subscribed. The Mercedes-AMG Project One truly has an F1 heart beating in its carbonfibre chest.

Each front wheel gets its own electric motor, allowing for insane torque vectoring, but the internal combustion engine gets two electric motors too. Everyone, feast your eyes on the Mercedes-AMG Project One. What works for a 911 GT3 Touring is, perhaps, less appropriate for a vehicle of the Project One's nature though and this is no H-pattern, three-pedal transmission, the eight gears shifted by paddles on the wheel or left to their own devices as you see fit.

It seems like Mercedes-AMG is really going full power in the performance auto segment.

How powerful is the AMG hypercar?

The 1.6-liter V6 hybrid gasoline engine with direct injection and electrically assisted single turbocharging comes directly from the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 racing auto. The driving modes range from purely electric operation through to a highly dynamic mode which corresponds to a setting used in Formula 1 qualifying for optimum lap times. The Project One is very sleek and made entirely out of carbonfibre with a very low nose, butterfly doors and the signature air intake on the roof.

Forget zero to 100, the Project One, according to its maker, gets from 0-200km/h in under six seconds and reaches a top speed in excess of 350km/h. The gas engine will drive the back wheels through an eight-speed single-clutch automatic transmission developed by Xtrac, the same folks who supply the Mercedes F1 race vehicle. These have adjustable backs and fixed bases, so the pedals and steering wheel adjust instead - a similar setup to the Ford GT.

Being a hybrid means the Project One makes good use of its power.

It can also recuperate up to 80 per cent of its braking energy, with each electric motor having its own floor-mounted power-electronics unit. The two sides of the turbo are connected by a shaft, which itself is equipped with a 121 horsepower electric motor capable of powering the compressor in case there isn't enough boost coming from the exhaust gasses.

The petrol engine and electric motors deliver a combined output of more than 992bhp.

The mechanical bits? You have pushrod, multi-link suspension bolted directly to the carbon fibre tub that holds the Project One together.

AMG also developed a new hydraulically-operated eight-speed paddle-shift manual transmission for the Project One.

There are two LED monitors, one in the centre stack and one in front of the driver.