McLaren confirms Renault move — Motorsport

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McLaren has used Honda engines since 2015, but the team repeatedly suffered engine troubles on the track.

Red Bull would already discuss with Porsche, which will leave the endurance at the end of the year.

We should also soon have confirmation that Carlos Sainz Jr. will be racing with Renault in 2018 as part of this highly confusing trade. This new found alliance can be a move from McLaren to retain Alonso, who won two championships (2005, 2006) under Renault.

"It's been a long, hard slog for the both of them".

"Today's announcement gives us the stability we need to move ahead with our chassis and technical programme for 2018 without any further hesitation", said McLaren executive director Zak Brown.

"We're going to turn our attention to Fernando now". "We've been speaking a lot".

This will be the first time Renault and McLaren have partnered in F1.

McLaren's statement echoes its will to fight at the thick end of the F1 grid after a tumultuous partnership with Honda.

Renault powered Red Bull to all of their consecutive world champions between 2010 and 2013 but felt their role in the success did not receive enough publicity.

According to the Mail, the terms of Alonso's new contract are in line with his current deal, which sees him earn just over £20m a year.

However, The Sun believe Alonso is still in no rush to clarify his situation and will 'wind the clock down' in order to get himself the best financial deal.

"The right people are looking at it, Ross Brawn has got a good group of people with him and is working closely with the FIA and hopefully later this month or next month we wil have clarity on what the architecture of what a Formula One engine will look like". Among a series of announcements at the Singapore Grand Prix, it was also confirmed that McLaren will use Renault engines for three years starting 2018 while Toro Rosso will have Honda powerunits after both parties signed a multi-year deal. "McLaren-Renault is a partnership that will challenge for victory".

"They have a fantastic infrastructure".

SINGAPORE:Red Bull boss Christian Horner said Renault's hybrid engines had "always fallen short" as speculation grew that the French supplier was about to implement a shocking divorce from the multiple world champions. "We'll be interested to see how he fares against Hulkenberg".

For Torro Rosso, the partnership with Honda is completely new.

"But if there is a chance in the future to supply (Red Bull with) engines, why not?"

'We want to see the best drivers and the best teams up there'. "They probably have something more in hand for tomorrow". Instead, it brought nothing but disappointment.

"I knew when I read it on Autosport", he said.