Mayweather made $178000 per second in McGregor fight

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At the fight, she was introduced in a plunging white outfit, complete with a golden belt as she sang "Star-Spangled Banner", ahead of the boxing match that was watched by millions of fans around the world.

"He's a lot better than I thought he was", Mayweather said after the fight.

"I just carry on living my life, care-free, and see what's next in the fight game, because fighting is what I enjoy". Would all of this hype and social media theater produce anything that resembled a real fight?

"There was a moment after Round 2 [when] I was envisioning all the disaster scenarios", CG Technology vice president Jason Simbal said.

So what lessons, if any, did Vegas bookmakers learn from the fight?

He then simplified his bet to him winning by knockout, but became "pissed" when he had to wait long to place the bet. "Hell or High Water", which earned a best picture nomination at the Oscars, also made $4.4 million during its fourth weekend, but from fewer locations (1,303).

The Mayweather-McGregor fight ended in 10th round in which Mayweather won on technical knock-out.

McGregor didn't seem to think that money would prevent him from a return to the UFC's octagon. "This is an unbelievable match-up - action-packed fight".

According to the Huff Post, Mayweather's victory led to improved to 50-0 to surpass heavyweight great Rocky Marciano's 49-0 record for most wins without a loss or draw. That event generated a record gate of $72,198,500, a figure that 'Money' confidently predicted his pugilism swan song against 'the Notorious' would surpass.

Buhl noted that the absence of state income tax doesn't ease accounting complications for boxers. He loses to an opponent so green, it casts a shadow of skepticism on the sport itself. He'd just collected the biggest paycheck of his life and fought the best boxer of his generation. "@TheNotoriousMMA (McGregor) Much Respect!"

Mayweather made $178000 per second in McGregor fight
Mayweather made $178000 per second in McGregor fight

Mayweather's prediction was spot on. Imagine if he somehow had agreed to fight middleweight monster Gennady Golovkin. Reports indicated he would earn a minimum of £78million from the McGregor fight, to add to his estimated pre-fight net worth of £263million. But not all viewing went smoothly.

And it was. Mayweather did what he does, connecting on almost 60 percent of his 152 power punches. "He used a lot of angles". McGregor hit him more than Pacquiao did. He absorbed big shots and put up a respectful fight until his stamina waned and Mayweather pounced in the later rounds.

"I felt like I owed the fans a last hurrah", Mayweather said.

Boxing, though, emerges as the biggest winner. That's 1,685 seconds in all, meaning Mayweather was working for $178,041 per second - about twice the $83,000-per-second average he made in 12 rounds against Manny Pacquiao.

After the fight Mayweather talked about his smart investments and business ventures that will keep him busy and earning money. He talked about maybe even becoming a boxing trainer. There is nothing else he can possibly do except diminish his exceptional legacy.

In this way, the fight does more than prop up each man's legacy by meeting expectations; it marks a potential rehabbing of sorts for the sport as a whole.

There have been lulls around this time in recent years.

This was a typical Mayweather fight.

Now it is Mayweather who has joined them in retirement, healthy, wealthy and wise enough to know when enough is enough.