Killer clowns unleash political nightmare in 'American Horror Story'

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Good news though: It looks like we're back to the formula of doing what works. At first glance, AHS: Cult even seems to have something more ambitious in mind than going off its usual deep end of grotesque excess.

It's not surprising that Hollywood would make this.and especially not surprising from AHS (and Glee) creator Ryan Murphy, who hosted fundraisers for Barack Obama.

Discover & Share this Season 7 GIF with everyone you know. Peters' Kai sits alone exulting in Trump's victory, while Paulson's Ally melts into tears, aghast at what this political turn means for the nation as well as her wife Ivy (Alison Pill) and their young son. On season 3, American Horror Story: Coven, Stevie Nicks made a cameo appearance. But after teasers, a trailer and three episodes sent to critics ahead of Tuesday's premiere, we now know election night was just the jumping off point.

Despite his mother Ally's coulrophobia (fear of clowns), Winter strokes Oz's morbid fascination with the grotesque Twisty (the unforgettable clown from season 4: Freak Show) comics. My theory is that they are in the season's titular cult and it has something to do with worshipping Twisty the Clown.

These two viewpoints meet before long, and as Ally seems to be increasingly falling into a pit of her own delusions, Kai lays the foundation for, apparently, some grand machinations. And if you also consider that to be the case then you got probably your wish during the premiere episode - several times over. The action all centers around Sarah Paulson's Ally, a woman whose phobias are being triggered again. but whose irrational fears may not be so irrational after all.

Based on a post-election society, the cultish and creepy new season will be littered with references regarding Trump and his presidential nemesis, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and the strong reactions voters had to the 2016 election. And yes, the house still has the balcony above the front door, which serial killer Michael Myers flew off of after being shot by Dr. Loomis at the end of the movie. She ran for her life and (as you would in a situation like this) attempted to defend herself by firing bottles of wine at her stalkers. Will we see the seemingly innocent child reveal a nasty streak as the plot develops? My college roommates would get together for every episode, and the series premiere is one of the most terrifying episodes of television I've ever seen. This girl's got it bad.

Through the lens of Ally's fear, clowns begin rampaging, stalking, and performing obscene acts in front of her. Then Ally sees a clown in the backseat and hits the gas, crashing into a pole. The duo searched the restaurant high and low but had no luck. Since this season is supposed to be free of supernatural elements, the clown in question would need access to the restaurant, and they would have no choice but to risk being seen by Ivy when they switched out the dinner plates.

Ally finds her son, who immediately hides the comic book. The clowns went after Ally before Winter or Kai met her, but it seems far from coincidental that Winter happened to be watching Oz when they showed up on the family's street.

Billy Eichner's beekeeping character: Eichner and Leslie Grossman play a unusual couple who move in across the street from Ally and Ivy.