Key Factors For Investors To Watch As Apple Unveils iPhone X

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Although some may want the latest and greatest, Apple fans weren't always willing to shell out so much for a new iPhone. Last year, Apple offered only in-store trade-in programs compelling users to wait a long time before they could trade their old iPhone models for a new one, reason being the new iPhone models ran out of stock immediately.

ALL ACCESS will have coverage as it happens. One of the most notable changes is that Apple is expected to ditch the home button on the device.

iPhone X will use an OLED panel, which will make the display more realistic by giving it more accurate colour tones.

What are you most excited about?

Apple is widely expected to release the iPhone X following a substantial leak this week, with the jury out as to whether the source of the new details originated from right inside the company's San Cupertino headquarters.

All those features have been available on other smartphones that sold for less than $1,000, but Apple's sense of design and marketing flair has a way of making them seem irresistible - and worth the extra expense.

Since it was announced, there has been huge hype surrounding Apple's 4K TV.

Chinese electronics colossus Huawei passed Apple in global smartphone sales for the first time in June and July, taking second place behind South Korean giant Samsung, according to market tracker Counterpoint Research. Nowadays, Apple indeed behind the curve with its iPhone, whether this is the screen we are talking about or the camera.

The Apple event begins at 10 San Francisco, which is 1 p.m. EST. There were others like Longhorn (@never_released) who tweeted about iPhone X featuring a USB Type C port instead of the company's proprietary lightning port.

However, neither Verizon nor Apple has commented on the Apple Watch series 3's leak, so these still remain as speculations. After all, Apple has slowly added higher-priced iPhone options in recent years, starting with the iPhone 6 Plus' introduction in late 2014 - and investors have willingly paid up for the new devices, driving up the iPhone's average selling price.

Overall, broadly what Qualcomm is trying to say is that even though the iPhone may have kickstarted the smartphone revolution in 2007, nowadays it is the Android phones that are leading the charge.