Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx confirm relationship; Freddie Mercury biopic; more: AM Buzz

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Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes' romance has been the worst kept secret in Hollywood for years. So, Holmes has passed that reported five-year mark, and she can publicly date whoever she wants.

It might. Foxx and Holmes have reportedly been a couple since 2013, even though they've denied it and their friends have denied it. The Dawson's Creek vet captioned her image: 'My sweetie'.

In recent months, Jamie has insisted that the continuous speculation amounted to little more than "fake news" and was "one hundred per cent not true".

Holmes never commented on the relationship.

Jaime Foxx and Katie Holmes seem to have put an end to all the rumors about their relationship with their latest outing. "It's easy and they are for sure very much in love".

Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx confirm relationship; Freddie Mercury biopic; more: AM Buzz

Head on over to TMZ.com to see the photos. "They are really happy", an insider has previously said. He is very happy with [Katie]. Earlier this year, in April, they were caught on camera having dinner together in the East Village in New York City. "They like their life private".

Last weekend was America's Labour Day holiday. They reportedly stayed in an oceanfront home where they were also seen spending time together on the beachfront patio. In contrast to the secrecy of years gone by, they held hands and wore matching hats as they strolled along the oceanside.

Then in November 2006 the pair had an elaborate Scientology wedding at Odescalchi Castle in Italy - but the religion also contributed to the end of their relationship.

Holmes and Cruise were married for six years and got engaged in 2005 after just seven weeks of dating.

Yeah, Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise were in the movie "Collateral" together in 2004.