Jake LaMotta: Boxing legend dies at the age of 95

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His fiancee, Denise Baker, said that LaMotta died Tuesday in a hospital in the area of Miami due to complications from pneumonia.

LaMotta compiled an 83-19-4 record with 30 knockouts in 13 years, but is best known for a six-fight series against the great Sugar Ray Robinson.

In 1949, LaMotta finally claimed the middleweight championship when Marcel Cerdan quit on his stool after the 10th round.

LaMotta is most famous for his rivalry with Sugar Ray Robinson, who he fought six times and beat once. Although the film was a minor commercial success, DeNiro won an Academy Award in 1980 for best actor and trained with LaMotta in the ring for the fight scenes.

His daughter Christi posted a tribute to him on Facebook.

Former middleweight champion Jake LaMotta has died at the age of 95, his family told BBC on Wednesday. I realize that now. LaMotta took a brutal pounding from Robinson but was never knocked down in a fight stopped by the referee in the 13th round. With a solid chin and limited regard for his well-being, LaMotta soaked up his fair share of punishment in the squared circle, none more than against fellow Hall-of-Famer "Sugar" Ray Robinson.

The film's stark style may have started in LaMotta's own particular collection of memoirs, in which he expressed: "Once in a while, around evening time, when I recollect, I have an inclination that I'm taking a gander at an old high contrast motion picture of myself". Then I trained with Jake.

Though merely a minor box office success to begin with, Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull biopic would go on to garner global critical acclaim. Suspecting a fix, New York State suspended LaMotta, and in testimony in 1960 before the U.S. Senate Kefauver Committee, he admitted to throwing the fight.

LaMotta published Raging Bull: My Story in 1970.

"I sparred with people with gear on, but we were careful", De Niro told Time in 2013. I was a no-good bastard. The waterbed, wife and Dead Sea gag made me laugh then and still does, sorry. He also appeared as different characters in five episodes of the sitcom vehicle 54, Where Are You? in the '60s.

A funeral in Miami and a memorial service in New York City are being planned, Baker said.