IT movie TRILOGY? Director Andy Muschietti SPEAKS OUT on rumours

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Gary Dauberman, screen-writer of It, has been hired to write the second film.

That loss forces the Losers into a race against time to regain their memories, and their bond, before Pennywise can pick them off first. This mirrors the structure King did with the book.

The movie has been so successful that a sequel has already been announced, so now you have to see IT, because everyone you know will have seen IT, and they will most definitely drag you to see IT 2. It's possible they could re-appear through flashbacks - something that the novel heavily relies on.

It, the new movie based on King's 1986 novel, took $123m (£93m) in the U.S. over the weekend to become the biggest horror movie opening ever, according to the Hollywood Reporter. "IT: Chapter Two" will focus on the return of Pennywise 30 years later, and will retain the characters that made it out of the first movie, but this time as grown-ups. It's breaking records left and right and by all counts is a major success - yet it only tells half the story, and everyone's already curious about how chapter two will be handled. He stays to watch for the return of Pennywise while working as a librarian, and staying behind, he ends up taking the brunt of Pennywise's powers.

If the sequel takes such a direction, that means adult versions of the characters will inevitably feature in the new film, but who will be cast? I want him to be a junkie actually.

"A terrific start for the Fall moviegoing season after a rather slow Labor Day weekend as "It" revs up a sleepy marketplace and we look forward to an incredible September at the box office, " wrote movie analyst Paul Dergarabedian at comScore in an email to Xinhua. Muschiettie continued. "He will bear the role of trying to figure out how to defeat him". The sequel will follow the second half of the book.

There's one loser who doesn't come back.


The movie, released last weekend, centers around a demonic shape-shifting alien known best as Pennywise the Clown who preys on the fears of children in the fictional town of Derry, Maine. Throughout the movie, the horror never lets up.