It director says sequel will be 'much darker'

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Just like Pennywise's chilling red balloon, the latest Stephen King adaptation to hit cinemas is floating high at the USA box office.

She's one of those people who doesn't get scared.

The story centers on Bill Denbrough and his group of friends, known as the Losers' Club.

Pennywise the clown has been haunting us every since we first heard of him way back in the 80's, and now IT is back again hanging out in sewers, terrifying children, and turning bathrooms into blood fountains. Skarsgard is fine in the role, but Pennywise is essentially a plot device and, though he is fun for a while, he wears out his welcome before film's end.

Like in the book, Pennywise the Clown torments the children not only once, but twice in their lifetimes - as kids, and as adults. Eventually, the Losers discover where Pennywise lives and decide to pay him a visit and hopefully discover what happened to Georgie in the process. And though Muschietti admits he and his producers have been thinking about what do to since filming wrapped on the movie, there's still no official decision on how they will handle the casting. You know, normal elements of childhood.

Are you excited about seeing Suffer the Little Children hit the big screen? My greatest joys while watching this film where when the face of Pennywise filled the screen.

There was always going to be a second chapter to the cinematic reboot of Stephen King's It.

If you're still here, you're already as as versed in the world of IT as a person can be and you'd like to know what will come in IT: Chapter Two.

IT co-star Nicholas Hamilton recently spoke to Be about working with Bill, saying director Andy Muschietti kept him away from the young cast during filming.

Besides the horror element in the movie, the sudden humor makes the movie more entertaining when forgetting about the creepy clown.

In fact, the duo already have a few ideas in mind with regards to what they'd like to tackle in the second installment. 'I wouldn't care so much about that, ' he said.

WHY do I watch horror movies? And yup, most of those actors are right in that age range (Bale and Boseman are a bit older at age 43 and 42 respectively, but I think they could still pull it off).