Irma, Bound for Georgia, Weakens to a Tropical Storm

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Goldman Sachs analysts estimated Monday that oil demand would drop by 300,000 barrels per day for a month because of Irma, about half of the 600,000 barrel drop expected because of Hurricane Harvey a week earlier. While it's not completely unprecedented for a storm to pick up so much power so quickly, NHC meteorologist Dennis Feltgren told NBC News that the storm's "rapid intensification" was why they turned so much energy toward tracking it so quickly.

At the northern end of the Keys, residents and business owners from Key Largo, Tavernier and Islamorada were allowed back for their first look. Petersburg, West Palm Beach and Tallahassee. Road repairs were promised in the coming days. Branches and other brush blocked some roads. "Thankfully, all were not injured and officers were able to safely get them out of the vehicle". "It's just going to get insane pretty quick".

Speaking at his Camp David presidential retreat, Mr Trump said: 'The bad news is this is some big monster, but I think we're very well coordinated.

Even as Irma was shredding large portions of Georgia on Monday, Georgia was shredding large portions of Irma.

Safety systems at US nuclear plants, including Georgia's Plants Vogtle and Hatch, are created to withstand significant hazard events, including hurricane force winds and flooding.

Irma has been blamed for three deaths in Florida, one in Georgia, and at least 36 in the Caribbean. Last week it killed at least 37 people as it crossed the Caribbean. The two - among the thousands of power-line workers brought in from out-of-state by major utilities - spent about five minutes outside a house in Fort Lauderdale, when two cars with women who said they lived in the neighborhood stopped to inquire about the return of power to their homes - obviously trying to get their attention.

"My heart goes out to the people in the Keys", Gov. Rick Scott said.

Irma, Bound for Georgia, Weakens to a Tropical Storm
Irma, Bound for Georgia, Weakens to a Tropical Storm

"Best word I could say is war zone", tweeted CBS Miami reporter David Sutta while looking at the aftermath in the Keys Monday.

- Two tornadoes touched down in Brevard County, destroying mobile homes in their path, officials said.

Residents in area that had yet to see the worst either evacuated the area or prepared to shelter in place - including animals in Tampa's Busch Gardens. She was anxious to hear more about her apartment complex. These waves can crash into buildings and cause flooding farther inland. "We will work on those at first light". "Tree removal, debris - don't want to say it's negligible, but it's manageable".

"There are still nine bridges that need final inspections".

"The industry's Irma response is one of the largest power restoration efforts in US history", Kuhn said.

The Brunswick County Sheriff's Office is cautioning commuters this morning, as many area roads were left flooded over night. There was also widespread flooding in the state's coastal areas, including Charleston.

People told to flee in Florida in advance of the storm, leading to days of jampacked highways and frantic searches for gasoline amid one of the nation's largest ever emergency evacuations.