Indian government seek to deport 40000 Rohingya

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"The court has no business to interfere in such matters of what they call illegal immigrants or illegal migrants", the government said in an affidavit.

The Rohingyas have been fleeing Myanmar for decades and the exodus has seen a marked increase over the past few months amid reports of mass killings of the ethnic minority by the Myanmar military despite appeals for calm and peace directed at Myanmar state counsellor and Nobel Peace laureate Aung Saan Suu Kyi by the worldwide community and rights activists.

Alam said Bangladesh had given proposals to Myanmar for talks on the Rohingya crisis, but did not receive any "favourable response".

"We are hopeful that our request will be met positively, since we know of the government's expressed concern for truth", he said. Political parties of our country should keep it in mind that to resettle the Rohingyas in their own land they should put pressure on the neighbouring country together. Only the Rohingyas will have to live with the fear of being displaced once again.

However, the Human Rights Activist and the opposition led by Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee saying that the government should provide shelter to the Rohingyas.

Myanmar has denied rights groups' accusations that it is trying to drive the minority community out of Rakhine state, saying it is only targeting militants.

Anyone responsible for abuses in troubled Rakhine State would face the law, she said, adding that she felt deeply for the suffering of everyone caught up in conflict there.

The Rohingya residents of Ah Nauk Pyin say they have no other choice but to stay, and their fraught relations with equally edgy Rakhine neighbours could snap at any moment. Naturally, there were some tensions, but we handled the situation with patience. The Government should turn a deaf ear to the noise and agitations which are being raised in favour of giving asylum to the Rohingya Muslim and deport the Rohingya Muslims from the country.

Bangladesh was already home to 400,000 Rohingya before the latest crisis erupted on 25 August, when Rohingya militants attacked police posts and an army camp. Rohingya arrivals may swell to one million by the end of the year. The allegations made by the Myanmar Government may be true.

State secretary Tin Maung Swe said Reuters could not visit the area for security reasons, but said the authorities were assessing needs of those living there.

We should therefore first establish that they would be persecuted in Bangladesh for various reasons before India is castigated for wanting to deport them as illegal migrants.