Hurricane Jose: Too Early to Tell If It Will Hit Florida

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Strong winds and choppy sea are seen in Key Largo, Florida, Hurricane Irma approaches, in this September 9, 2017 still image taken from social media video.

The challenges in the immediate aftermath of the storm will be many: Restoring across the state, removing debris from roads, dealing with possible fuel shortages, and making sure nursing home and hospital patients who were evacuated can safely return.

Here's a look at some of the destruction Irma left in her wake. The unsafe storm surge "will rush in and could kill you".

"We do not know the extent of physical damage, but it appears large, especially on the south end of the island", Marco Island City Council Chairman Larry Honig said.

Fort Lauderdale police arrested nine people they said were caught on TV cameras looting sneakers and other items from a sporting goods store and a pawn shop during the hurricane. "So, we have teams in place that have the equipment to go in and saw up downed trees and whatever to clear the roadway to allow the utility companies to come in and get the power back on".

Hurricane Irma made landfall as a Category 4 storm over the weekend but has since weakened to a tropical storm. The primary concern is now rain, which is causing widespread flooding. Alabama Power said there were 12,000 outages mostly in the southeastern area of the state.

"Do not think the storm is over when the wind slows down", Scott said on Saturday.

As Irma zeros in on Atlanta, the city faces its first-ever tropical storm warning. "We have to wait till all the elements pass through", he said. "Most importantly we have got to save every life and we have got to make sure people understand it is still risky".

Spokesman Stephen Holmes says the home improvement store is now restocking empty shelves in disaster areas. "We've had 10 years of growth that got pruned yesterday from Hurricane Irma and unfortunately a lot of that ended up on our power lines".

In the meantime, FKECA officials plan to start preliminary damage assessments on Monday using a helicopter to check on facilities in Marathon.

Flash flood emergency: The National Weather Service issued a flash flood emergency for parts of downtown. Forrest and his roommate chose to ignore a mandatory evacuation order and ride out the storm in their apartment.

"We got the flexable language so that they can use some of those resources", Nelson said. "I have been out and around the city today, and I have witnessed the heroes getting people out of their homes, and it is going to continue".