Hurricane Irma Turned the Virgin Islands From Green to Brown

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Jenn Manes, who writes a blog on U.S. Virgin Island St. John, detailed a list of robberies and break-ins on the island after Irma struck, saying she had to install a bar on the inside of her door to keep out would-be burglars.

Necker Island is part of the territory.

SHAPIRO: We've heard about evacuations of tourists and some locals.

Rossello said Thursday that power has been restored to more than 90 percent of Puerto Rico after 75 percent of the island lost power when Irma passed just north of San Juan on September 6.

"This was the worst of the storms I have been through, and the sea rose much higher", Mr. Pulpito said.

Louis lives in Lacey, but was born and raised in St. Thomas. It devastated schools. It crushed homes and buildings. "I thought I would come back and find the roof gone", said Yolexis Domingo, 39, using a machete to hack the branches off a tree that fell in front of his house in Caibarien. Various militaries - the Dutch, the French, the U.S., Puerto Rican National Guard - have been taking people off of these islands in the last couple of days.

Early estimates suggest a quarter of homes in Florida Keys, where Irma first made landfall in the United States, were destroyed.

Wyndham Grand Rio Mar in Rio Grande, has welcomed approximately 300 guests from St. Thomas. But it's still a common sight to see power lines and utility poles strewn across the roads.

BEAUBIEN: And tarps are just one of the many, many things people need here.

SHAPIRO: You mentioned safety and security. The Herald reports that as locals waited for food and help to arrive this week, they fended for themselves. What's your understanding of the safety situation? I'm pleased to say we did not have mass looting.

"I've been thinking a lot about my old neighborhood in St. Croix, where I recently took my kids", Duncan said. No other state apart from NY visited the region as much.

Barbuda was particularly hard-hit by the storm, with an estimated 90 percent of its structures suffering damage or destruction. Check them out on Instagram and YouTube for more incredible pictures. "I don't want to benefit from others' misfortune after such a disaster", Michael said. Those who remained told CNN they were prepared, though they knew this was a storm like few had ever experienced.

Brock Long's visit was a very, very good visit.

With a staff of 300 - "which is to say, 300 families who are counting on us" - Benito's chic seaside hotel is one of the biggest private employers on the French side of the island. We were asking the DoD's - the ship has now docked between the islands, and we're trying to get the marines off and get them situated so they can start to help with the debris removal.

Branson goes on to write that while he has "already seen some wonderful acts of human kindness over the last few days", full recovery will not be possible without massive support from the world's wealthy countries-and from the entire global community. What is the most pressing need right now?

SHAPIRO: Meals ready-to-eat, yeah. And you know, just down the hill from me there are buildings that are collapsed, roofs that are ripped off. Sort of over to the left, there - what was once, you know, this nice, lush, attractive hillside is just brown because all of the leaves have been stripped off the trees, and the trees have just been sort of flattened against the hillside.

Volunteers and the government officials have helped clear some of the roads. But it's a huge challenge. "And we don't know what to do", she wrote. "Thank you for your continuing support, it means the world to us".

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