Hurricane Irma: How those receding waters may have saved Tampa

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Meanwhile, a boat that became a coastal SC icon when Hurricane Hugo washed it 2 miles onshore in 1989 now has been relocated by tropical storm Irma.

A weakened Irma weakened took its parting shot at Florida on Monday, triggering severe flooding in the state's northeastern corner, while authorities along the storm's 400-mile (640-kilometer) path struggled to rush aid to victims and take the full measure of the damage.

Drone footage has captured the extent of destruction caused by Hurricane Irma, showing scattered debris floating in heavily flooded streets in Naples, Florida. By any measure, especially in the Lower Keys, it is a housing and humanitarian crisis that will go on for weeks.

"I don't like to think about that", he said of the prospect of an extended outage. I don't have a job.

FEMA reported on Tuesday that Hurricane Irma destroyed a quarter of houses in the Keys.

Once a major Category 4 hurricane following in the path of its bigger sister, Irma, Jose is now a Category 2 storm with winds of 105 miles per hour. But for the millions of people affected by Irma, it will take much longer to recover from what is predicted to be one of the costliest hurricanes in US history. The extent of the devastation took numerous first returnees by surprise.

Handfuls of holdout residents, having defied calls to evacuate, hunkered down as Irma tore over the Keys, ripping boats from their moorings, flattening palm trees and downing power lines across the island chain popular for fishing and scuba diving. "We were not expecting to find someone else's sailboat in our backyard".

Some areas, mostly in the Upper Keys, have water, but food and water distribution stations have been set up in Key West.

Limited service has now resumed at several of Florida's airports, including at Miami International.

The city of Jacksonville, in Florida's northeast, was recovering from heavy flooding.

More than two-dozen Toronto Hydro workers are driving to Tampa to help restore electricity to hurricane-hit residents.

We learned more about what neighbors and visitors believed was a storm surge that washed up on Marco Island when Hurricane Irma made landfall.

It hit the USA soon after Hurricane Harvey, which ploughed into Houston late last month, killing about 60 and causing some $US180 billion ($A224 billion) in damage, mostly from flooding.