How Hurricane Irma is affecting travel plans

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American Airlines said in a statement to ABC News that the last flight out of its Miami hub will be Friday afternoon to Dallas.

"There are many variables we have to take into consideration such as the projected path and intensity of the storm", he said.

At Fort Lauderdale's airport, 275 flights were canceled.

The airline said it had been examining and adjusting fares in Florida since early this week when it was clear that the state could be targeted by Irma. As of September 6, the National Hurricane Center had reported that Irma was still a very unsafe Category Five storm.

"If it flies, it's not going to be in south Florida", said Ross Feinstein, a spokesman for American.

American accounts for 38% of the flying in the Miami-Ft.

As millions of Floridians brace for Hurricane Irma, travelers all over the country are also feeling the impact of the Category 5 storm.

Airlines have been criticised in the past for raising prices in the wake of deadly episodes and, as Irma approached, some social media users accused carriers of engaging in price-gouging schemes ahead of the unsafe storm.

"Our corporate engineering and operations teams are in constant communication with all of the Florida properties this week to ensure they are prepared to keep our employees and guests safe and cared for", Hassen said.

All of the extra flights, though, are causing some heavy air traffic and significant delays.

U.S. airlines are adding extra seat capacity and implementing ticket fare caps on flights in Hurricane Irma's destruction path, as evacuations continue in Florida. In Miami and West Palm Beach, almost 35 percent of gas stations are out of gas, while Gainesville is reporting over 40 percent of its gas stations are out of gas.

American will wind down operations in Orlando, which is a three and a half hour drive north from Miami, by 2 p.m. on Saturday.

For the latest updates and operation information, check the airlines' websites.

Key West International Airport closed Wednesday night and said all commercial flights would be suspended until further notice.

Airlines, including JetBlue, Delta, American and United, this week added flights and said they would cap fares for those fleeing the hurricane zone.

The cheapest flight on Delta on the same route on Friday was $550.

Kislin said he hopes Irma doesn't hit Turks & Caicos, and then Miami, with the strength it showed the past several days, and said he expects recovery efforts to begin immediately though hotels can expect a long downtime.

Airport officials in South Florida are urging fliers to check with their airlines and prepare for potential cancellations this week. The last flight will depart FLL at 7:45 p.m. on Friday, September 8.

The school announced Thursday that Saturday's home-opener against Northern Colorado has been cancelled after previously being moved up to noon ET. While I understand the fundamental economic principle of supply and demand, no company engaged in interstate commerce should exploit an emergency to take advantage of the people.

As the powerful storm threatened to rip through the Florida coast by Sunday, airlines ramped up the number of flights available out of south Florida airports, where operations were likely to temporarily cease through the weekend and beyond. In Orlando, 50 knot winds will shut down the airport's outdoor tram which shuttles passengers between terminals. However, the bay area remains just inside the cone of uncertainty. Petersburg, asked Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao to investigate United Airlines' pricing structure for those evacuating Hurricane Irma. "They're just trying to get it for some of the families to be able to get in and get out of here".