Hillary Clinton Kicks Off National Book Tour in DC

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"It initially made you think, 'well, what are you covering up?'" At the moment, the overall rating of the book, which is equal to the average rating of buyers, is 4.8 out of 5, which actually demonstrates the unanimous approval of the book. Clinton pronounced that the day Comey sent a letter to Congress expressing the reopening part of his consideration into Clinton's email was the day she lost the elections. She believes in politics the way it is actually practiced, and she holds to that belief at a moment when it's never been less popular.

"Later, Elizabeth was on my list of potential choices for Vice President", wrote Clinton, who has been making appearances promoting the book, which was much anticipated after Trump's stunning upset victory and the tumultuous eight months of his presidency.

Now The New Yorker magazine has revealed the cover it had ready to go if Clinton had defeated Donald Trump. She lost the debates and lost her direction!'

Hundreds of one-star reviews of What Happened were reportedly removed for "violating community standards" this week, leading critics to cry foul about the retailer's censorship. Speaking with Anderson Cooper, Clinton opened up about the pain she felt upon realizing she lost to her rival Donald Trump.

The illustration accompanies editor David Remnick's article "Hillary Clinton Looks Back in Anger".

Ms Clinton took to Twitter to respond to her supporters, writing: "Enjoy!" Trump tweeted late on Wednesday evening.

A few celebrities couldn't miss out of the opportunity to give Clinton some credit where it was due either. That's what it is called.

"The new iPhone will be able to track stair climbing and mountain hiking".

Did you vote in the election?

"I respect the fact that he is the president".