Havana in waist-deep water after Hurricane irma lashes Cuba

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And more than 20 people have been killed. "All residents & tourists are instructed to stay indoors". Various militaries - the Dutch, the French, the U.S., Puerto Rican National Guard - have been taking people off of these islands in the last couple of days.

"This is catastrophic, because a lot of the buildings here are not prepared for a downpour like this", said Yanmara Suarez, standing in the street in a yellow t-shirt with water up to her ankles. I am sure they will do much better. "I honestly don't know what else to do".

Elsewhere in the Caribbean, the USA has evacuated approximately 1,200 Americans from Dutch-administered St. Marteen in the last 24 hours, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a statement on Sunday.

Britain's Defence Minister Michael Fallon at the weekend said his government's effort was "as good as anybody else's". Her body was found floating outside her front door after water entered her house, according to Cuba Civil Defense, which issued a list of all the victims.

Alex Martinez, a 31-year-old American trapped on the Dutch part of St. Martin by Irma, said looters tried to raid his near-deserted hotel before he and others chased them off. "We had never really experienced anything like this", Fidel Manrique, a resident of central Havana, told Xinhua.

The Government has a responsibility to 88,000 people living in Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands, the Turks and Caicos - all British overseas territories in Hurricane Irma's path.

Meanwhile in the United States police have taken to shaming looters they captured, taking a picture of them as they sit in a cell.

The English billionaire uploaded a picture of himself in front of torn-down buildings and uprooted trees.

However, damage caused by the storm is looking to be less than expected, and insurance stocks are rising on the news. "But I will come back to Cuba. because the Cuban people are lovely".

On Sunday, the French government announced that President Emmanuel Macron would travel to the St. Martin, an island split between France and the Netherlands, on Tuesday.

"We've had three hurricanes and an natural disaster in the same zone at the same time, we've never seen anything like it before", he said, referring to triplet of hurricanes Jose, Katia and Irma and the huge quake in Mexico that killed 96 people.

Not only did Hurricane Irma leave a trail of untold devastation, including dozens dead, across the Caribbean, the Category 5 storm also literally wiped away the natural beauty of several small islands.

But Branson said there needs to be a more mobilized effort to deal with the aftermath of hurricanes.

"We have maintained and kept law and order on the British Virgin Islands, which at one point could have dramatically threatened the already unfortunate plight of those who have been hit by the hurricane", he continued. "All of us have been affected by Irma, and some more than others", Gus Jaspert, governor of the British Virgin Islands, said Thursday.