GoPro Unveils the Fusion, a 5.2K 360° Camera with OverCapture

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GoPro betting on two new devices to differentiate itself from the fast-advancing camera technology found in smartphones, and to help it reclaim profitability.

The most notable updates in the Hero6 are UHD 4K 2160/60p video, up from 30p, and 240fps fps capture in HD, up from 120fps. It's still got that rugged rubberised body, it's still waterproof up to 10m in depth and it still features a touch screen.

In addition, the new processor allows to improve the image quality, the dynamic range and the performance in conditions of low luminosity, offering in any case videos completely stabilized.

The GoPro HERO6 Black by itself retails for $499.99 United States dollars but it is also available with other accessories. In fact, it captures a full 360-degrees, though you don't have to keep the footage that way.

But even more interesting than that, GoPro announced Fusion, a waterproof, mountable 5.2K spherical camera. The rugged housing will also prevent serious harm from being inflicted to the camera and it sports a Global Positioning System chip and a 2-inch LCD touchscreen at the rear side. Users love the idea of capturing 360 VR content, but if the technology is to catch on and become more mainstream, then the post processing needs to become a lot easier.

The GoPro Hero 6 has the ability to shoot 4K video footage at 60 frames per second and it comes with a built-in internal stabilizer.

The Fusion will record both 5.2K60 and 3K60 spherical video, as well as snap 18-megapixel spherical still photos. The feature will also allow you to make it look like a pro videographer is traveling behind/around the subject when used as a stationary camera. There's both WiFi and Bluetooth to hook up to GoPro's app, along with voice control with support for ten languages. Following the launch event on 28 September 2017, GoPro flicked the switch on its preorder page, with the first batch expected to ship no earlier than November 2017.

Certain specs like battery life are still unknown, but I'm sure GoPro will reveal more in due time.

GoPro, Inc. (GoPro), launched on August 24, 2011, produces cameras and mountable and wearable accessories.

Other features on the HERO6 also include built-in Global Positioning System, an accelerometer and a gyroscope. Its products include Cameras; Drone and image stabilization; Virtual reality; Mounts and accessories; Applications, and Services. Most notably, Karma is gaining Global Positioning System tracking for the Karma controller with new "Watch" and "Follow" modes.

Other new Karma updates include an expanded Cable-Cam auto-shot path and "Look Up" camera tilt capability.

Shorty is a pocket-able extension pole and tripod, while The Handler is an updated floating handgrip with a quick-release mounting feature.