Google working on Amazon Echo Show's rival, codenames it Manhattan

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Hangouts has clearly been left out to die with the whole Hangouts experience slowly deteriorating, (I use it daily) so I'm going out on a limb and saying it's not going to be installed on a brand new device. The Verge goes on to explain that YouTube on Amazon's smart screen device doesn't include YouTube features such as subscriptions, next video recommendations, autoplay, and so on - a lack of these features would violate the YouTube API TOS.

Now the Amazon has announced its partnership with BMW and Alexa will be getting integrated into BMWs and mini cars.

This new wave of Echo products is sure to entice a lot more people into the Alexa ecosystem and build upon Amazon's sizable lead in the space. Of particular note was its second smart screen device, the compact new Echo Spot.

Amazon has introduced three additions to its line of Alexa speakers specifically created to boost sound and voice recognition, as part of its first hardware update to the line since 2014.

When it comes to aesthetics, there is not much difference one can find between Google Home and Apple's HomePod.

Like the company of Mark Zuckerberg and the Echo Show, the dimensions of the screen would be around 7 inches, which seems to have become nearly unintentional in the standard for these models. There's the smaller $99 Echo, the larger Echo Plus with smart hub, and an Echo Spot alarm clock for your bedside table. Alexa also now enables free outbound calls to numbers in the US, Canada, and Mexico, though emergency calls aren't supported.

In the short term we expect this list to shrink in size as Amazon discontinues its outdated models, but for now these are the smart speakers that are available, or have been announced for the future.

Amazon is also adding higher fidelity equipment to the next-generation Echo in an apparent response to the HomePod. The Echo Plus is priced at $149. The HomePod, though, will cost three times more than the next-generation Echo at nearly $350.

The new Amazon Fire TV is now up for pre-order in the United States, where it is set to begin shipping on October 25. The Echo Button is a small pressable button with multicolor-lights on top. Echo Connect will let you connect it to your landline/VoIP and Wi-Fi to let calls be handled through this tiny device.

Alexa can talk to you and play music directly on Echo Spot through the built-in 2W speaker.

Amazon's Alexa has been around for quite a while, and it nearly started out as a mistake.