Frustration as Florida Keys residents try to return home

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Hurricane Jose is continuing to weaken as it takes a clockwise loop in the Atlantic Ocean.

Irma, now a tropical storm with sustained winds of up to 110km per hour, was located about 56km west of Gainesville and headed up the Gulf Coast, the National Hurricane Centre said.

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The Caribbean saw scenes of catastrophic destruction, a preview of what Florida faces as the onslaught brought about by Hurricane Irma continues, as shown in the video below. He said he doesn't know whether the water would have crested had the water not receded.

Tom Bossert says while Irma's category of strength may have been reduced, its combined effects might replicate that of a more powerful storm. Streets were also flooded in the city's financial district.Police said a man in the Florida Keys was killed in a truck crash. "It's frightful, what we saw".

On Islamorada Key, one of just three islands where authorities allowed people to return on Tuesday, the aluminium walls of trailer homes had been ripped open by the storm.

Crews are working to clear USA 1, the only road that runs north/south through the Florida Keys.

"We are finding some remains", she said in an interview with CNN. On Tybee Island east of Savannah, City Manager Shawn Gillen said waters were receding quickly, but numerous 3,000 residents' homes were flooded. But Shiveley said the water never crested over the city's barriers. Streets flooded, and flying objects such as coconuts turned into risky projectiles. Officials are trying to clear roads as thousands of trees are down.

If the water hadn't pushed out, Shiveley said, storm surge could have been in the eight or nine-foot range.

FEMA Chief Brock Long said he believed the Keys and Collier County in southwest Florida took the brunt of the storm. About 2,000 customers there are still without power.

So far, Hurricane Irma has left 26 dead since it first made landfall on September 6 in the Caribbean islands. "All the beauty kind of got sucked out of the city". Roads are flooded or covered with debris, and the cleanup efforts will be massive.

Spokesman Stephen Holmes says the home improvement store is now restocking empty shelves in disaster areas. Petersburg area were braced for its first direct hit from a major hurricane since 1921. About a dozen homes in Tampa were damaged by falling trees, and flooding from rising rivers will be a problem in the coming days.

While some coastal communities breathed a sigh of relief, people in Jacksonville faced flash flooding on Monday.

The National Weather Service in Wilmington has issued a range of advisories across the Cape Fear region Tuesday. He urged people to be careful and safe.