Floridians fleeing Irma say airports are chaotic

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As of Monday morning, however, airports that sustained winds of up to 100 miles per hour had not reported major destruction, and some were expected to resume flights Tuesday. Combined with cancellations in the Caribbean, almost 6,000 flights have been axed since Irma began affecting flights.

Also affected by the storm, Carnival Cruise Lines, which has major operations out of Florida ports, said on Thursday it had cancelled four of its Caribbean cruises, though it still planned to operate several more under modified itineraries. Storm surge on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic could be 3 to 5 feet, according to the National Weather Service.

Almost 700 flights were canceled Monday at Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

United States airlines are adding extra seat capacity and implementing ticket fare caps on flights in Hurricane Irma's destruction path, as evacuations continue in Florida.

'Some airlines will fly personnel and crew members tomorrow in preparations for flights to resume.

"I would love to stay", said Miramar resident Francis, "but since the flight is on, and my family is going, they are so excited, I didn't want to disappoint them". He said there was significant water damage throughout its facilities.

Travelers with cancelled flights tried to book what ever they could before airlines stopped flying and the airport shut down. Miami International Airport is closed today Monday and will begin only limited flights on Tuesday.

The airline is also adding flights, and has enacted a travel waiver and expanded the dates and cities from which those impacted by the storm can use it.

Though they concede that fares may be higher than expected, airlines said they have not artificially inflated prices because of the storm.

The Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando airports handled more than 115 million passengers in 2016.

The last flights from Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport are expected to depart Saturday afternoon, although depending on staffing availability, airline decisions and wind speeds, the airport may close sooner, airport CEO Frederick "Rick" Piccolo said Friday. "The terminals with most damage are J, H, G, F and E", MIA Airport spokesman Greg Chinn said.

All commercial flights departed Sunday and the airport is secured and prepared for Irma, according to the airport's Twitter account.

JetBlue and Southwest said flights will be reduced or canceled until at least Wednesday. American says it will continue to evaluate operations at other Florida airports, and will make adjustments as necessary. "My daughter is so scared she was willing to spend her savings to get me there".

Flights at Key West's airport ended Thursday, a day later than the airport originally said.