First Look at Damage From Irma-Slammed Fla. Keys

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Experts say we could have as many as 19 tropical storms by the end of November - tying it for the third most active Atlantic season on record.

Jacksonville, the largest city geographically in the country, is grappling with a record storm surge and enormous flooding.

Gov. Henry McMaster signed a memorandum of understanding with Florida officials Sunday to provide emergency personnel as needed for the storm-ravaged state. "It's bad now, it's going to continue to get worse", meteorologist Angie Enyedi said, according to CNN.

Louis Freeman, a Miami-based radiologist, said he returned home after working for 48 hours straight during Hurricane Irma to find his property in turmoil.

Numerous evacuation orders extended until at least Monday, due in part to flooding, massive power outages and downed electric lines, leaving residents unable to return to their homes to survey any damage.

Florida Power & Light, the state's major electricity provider, says it has almost 20,000 workers deployed around the state.

The eyewall reached the lower Florida Keys by 7:10 a.m.

In Florida, more than six million homes were left without power as the hurricane landed in Florida Keys, battering the islands with winds of 130mph.

Irma was downgraded to a tropical storm over Florida, but it still had winds near hurricane force. American Airlines said it won't resume flights in Miami until at least Tuesday while canceling 300 flights in Charlotte, North Carolina, due to wind. All causeways leading to Miami Beach were closed by police. With rough conditions persisting across Florida, many communities in Irma's wake feared what destruction would be revealed as daylight allowed authorities to canvass neighborhoods.

- Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina will also feel effects of the storm.

"We're asking folks to be patient and remain sheltered in place", said St. Augustine Fire Chief Carlos Aviles.

It's still way too early to know exactly where Jose will end up, but it wouldn't be a bad idea for the United States to get comfortable with another hurricane making landfall.

Irma devastated several Caribbean islands en route to Florida. Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas in August.