Elon Musk proposes interplanetary rocket and plans Mars colonization

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Elon Musk has announced plans to build a new rocket at his aerospace firm SpaceX that will make humanity a "multi-planetary species".

In getting rid of these spacecrafts, Musk said that the company would then focus on developing one main vehicle: the Interplanetary Transport System, codenamed the BFR (for Big Fucking Rocket). Passengers could fly to most countries on Earth within 30 minutes, and anywhere on the planet definitively within an hour.

Once again, a wildly ambitious timeline has been set for the project, with SpaceX aiming to launch the reusable rocket by 2022, then using it to colonise Mars by 2024. Unfortunately, it is also the cost per trip that you will have to take into consideration because you're probably wondering that these trips could cost a a few thousand dollars right?

The new improvised rocket's entirely re-usable system integrates a booster stage and a spaceship inside it. The spaceship here is capable of accommodating around 100 people.

Musk established his company SpaceX in 2002 and he has been working towards achieving this goal ever since. The passengers then board a rocket bound for Shanghai, over 7,000 miles away. Musk said that he aims to make this happen with customers paying same as what they do for a full fare economy for an aircraft. "That's not a typo", Musk said of the first date, "although it is aspirational".

Once in orbit, the ship would travel 27,000 kilometres per hour, before coming in to land on another floating launch pad in Shanghai just 39 minutes later. "And then of course Mars, becoming a multi-planet species". But he ended with speaking about something spectacular that will blow your mind and revolutionalise the face of global commuting.

Mars travel won't be this vehicle's only use, however.

He said the new plan would "cannibalise" all of SpaceX's other products and refocus all the company's efforts on the BFR.