EC President Juncker To Call For Expansion Of Eurozone To Entire EU

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Asked if Mrs May backed Mr Juncker's proposals for closer integration, the spokesman said: "This was a speech about the future of the EU".

Juncker said there was a good chance that the European Union would agree the main elements of a new free trade with the Mercosur countries of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay and of an updated trade partnership with Mexico by the end of this year. "Europe can deliver for its citizens where and when it matters".

Almost 52 percent of Britons opted to leave the bloc during the European Union referendum in June previous year. It's also had to contend with a series of currencies afflicting the countries - now 19 - that use the euro as their currency.

But the Government said the new paper was a demonstration of the UK's continuing commitment to European security, making clear that Britain will seek to use its assets, capabilities and influence in a security partnership that is "deeper than any other third country and that reflects our shared interest".

"Journalists belong in newsrooms not in prisons". "I appeal to the powers that be in Turkey, let our journalists go!"

Juncker ruled out for the "foreseeable future" Turkey's membership bid, due to the post-coup crackdown by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He called for a summit in Romania on 30 March 2019 for decisions to be taken on a "more united, stronger and democratic Europe".

British military resources might well be used as a carrot to dangle above the European Union in Brexit negotiations in a potentially risky negotiating move by Brexit Secretary David Davis. "It isn't the future of Europe - it's not the be all and end all".

Juncker is expected to send a warning to Poland and Hungary over the situation of the rule of law, but may not say whether the commission will trigger Article 7 to open a sanction procedure against Poland.

That idea ran into immediate opposition from Denmark and the Netherlands, while an European Union official said it was an "old, rather wide-ranging idea" that would require a change to the EU's treaties.

It's a necessary step for the leave the European Union, but the process is anything but simple.

He called for more action to end the "scandalous" refugee crisis in Europe and said not all member states were pulling their weight to deal with the problem.

"Italy is saving Europe's honor in the Mediterranean", Juncker said.

He said the euro zone bailout fund - the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) - should be transformed into a European Monetary Fund and become an EU institution, rather than an intergovernmental one as the ESM is now.

"Cyberattacks are sometimes more unsafe for the stability of democracies and economies than guns and tanks", he said.