Did you pick up the elusive SNES Mini today?

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Nintendo will launch the mini SNES Classic Edition on Friday, and it may be hard to get your hands on one.

The PAL units (Europe/Australia/New Zealand) will be running the United States 60Hz versions, rather than their original 50Hz versions. Recognizing there's an appetite? And if I didn't notice any problems, Joe Walmart-the nostalgic impulse-buyer for whom the system is tailored for first and foremost-certainly won't. Oh yeah, there's an appetite. This will mean you can save your progress at any time so games don't need to be completed in one go without switching the device off.

With the new SNES Classic, gamers get 21 of the most beloved classic games packed in.

Here are the best SNES Classic accessories you can buy. After you spend 15 minutes playing, you'll be wishing you picked up at least three of theses SNES Classic accessories. In the USA it will be $79 and in the United Kingdom the SNES Classic price is £69 (although some retailers initially listed it at £79).

Nintendo tapped into the retro gaming trend past year with the release of the NES Classic Edition game console, a $60 gadget that came loaded with 30 vintage games, which became an unexpected hit. Those same systems you owned once upon a time.

Nintendo Friday madness is upon us.

The game will be available both online and in Target' stores. However, that is believed to be different than the actual Virtual Console. "I had the Nintendo 64". The game lineup for the SNES Classic is incredible, but the addition of Chrono Trigger, Donkey Kong Country 2, and Actraiser would make it worthy of outright worship. It's a great problem to have. Consoles are now being sold online for quadruple the suggested retail price and Nintendo hasn't been clear on when more will be made available. There is no real answer because Nintendo is having a renaissance year and everyone wants in on the action.

Have we got a treat for you! . Doesn't look like much has changed from the NES Classic launch, despite what Reggie Fils-Aime from Nintendo stated.