Court order blocks removal of Lee statue from Dallas park

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Patterson is the plaintiff in this temporary restraining order against Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and the entire City Council.

Only hours earlier, Dallas residents packed City Hall.

Council member Philip Kingston asserted shortly before the vote that any further public debate over the appropriateness of Confederate monuments in public spaces was moot. Dr. Joan Waugh of UCLA, speaking of the South, said, "What money there was for monuments was spent on cemeteries".

NBC reports that both statues were covered in black last month as a symbol of mourning for Heyer. He charged them with meeting for 90 days to find solutions.

This is not the first time lawmakers attempted to remove the statues.

A city task force will determine later what to do with it.

"We've basically won the game today", said Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway. "The story needs to be told", she said. "We've got a long way to go, and taking the statues down isn't going to solve that problem, but we can go work together now". The monument will be stored in an undisclosed location until officials decide on where to relocate it.

"We need our monuments to remember the past so we don't have to do it again", said Armentrout. Callahan abstained from the vote while Greyson cast the only dissenting opinion.

Callahan asked for a delay and a public referendum on what to do with all of the Confederate monuments, but it failed in a 4-11 vote.

Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest and former president of the confederacy Jefferson Davis have statues memorializing them in Memphis, and some citizens find them racist and representative of white supremacy. By reading the constitution for the Confederate States of America, we would learn that this constitution could not be amended to abolish slavery. If that recommendation is followed, the park would revert to its original placeholder name of Oak Lawn Park until a permanent name is chosen. The people of that country understand that Nazis do not deserve the honor, they deserve condemnation.

"George Washington was a slave owner". "They've made a claim but they've not made their case". He asserted keeping the statues romanticized history.

Democratic lawmakers have introduced a measure to remove Confederate statues from the U.S. Capitol. Greater said the statues enforce ideals of racism and bigotry. He advised, "Take these damn things out tonight".

The city has estimated removing the Lee statue alone could cost around half a million dollars. Seventy-seven percent of respondents voted "no" and only 23 percent said "yes". The restraining order is in effect until a hearing on Thursday afternoon.