Colin Kaepernick Supports ESPN Host Who Called Trump A White Supremacist

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Former Detroit sports journalist and current ESPN anchor Jemele Hill took to Twitter on Monday night with critical statements against President Donald Trump.

Hill - a SportsCenter anchor, MI native and former Detroit Free Press sports writer - went on a Twitter tirade Monday about Trump, calling him "the most ignorant, offensive president of my lifetime".

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, whose administration has shamelessly stoked racial tensions to fuel its political agenda of white supremacy-is still gainfully employed. "And if he were not white, he never would have been elected", her babble continued. On Tuesday, the World Wide Leader called Hill's actions "inappropriate".

The tweets about Trump came after Hill criticized Kid Rock, who accused the media and the "extreme left" of labeling him a racist.

Regardless of your stance on Trump, Hill's comments are far more harsh and far less professional than anything Cohn has done.

ESPN being ESPN lately, of course, has absolutely zero clue how to handle Hill's tweets.

It was a highly unusual moment - a White House official seemingly recommending that a Trump critic be booted from a television network.

ESPN said it addressed the issue with Hill, who will not be suspended or further punished for expressing her views online.

Her tweets quickly went viral.

How much more of Hill's rhetoric is ESPN going to let slide?

Being patently politically correct is also a thing at ESPN now, apparently. Curt Schilling was sacked for supporting North Carolina's bathroom bill aimed at protecting women and girls from predators, and Britt McHenry was suspended for yelling at someone who was towing away her auto. It would be a dereliction of her duty as a citizen and a public figure with a platform to not say what she thinks about our political moment. ESPN allows employees to discuss politics, but said those who cover "hard news" should refrain.