Branson calls for 'Marshall Plan' to help Caribbean

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BEAUBIEN: Well, thousands of people have already left, but the people who have remained are just coping as best they can.

A New Jersey Air National Guard unit deployed from the joint base to the U.S. Virgin Islands on Thursday to assist in Hurricane Irma relief efforts.

'We are prepared and we are not anxious about getting water and first aid, but we know people who are and they don't know where to go, ' she said.

She explained that he would live with his aunt in Orlando, and that she didn't know yet when they would be reunited because it's unclear how long reconstruction efforts would take. I asked them if they want to quit for the day. Some of them are saying, you know, I think this is going to take years to get this to come back. She couldn't afford to leave herself.

"Everyone is stressed and hungry and confused", she said. On Wednesday night, the children gathered around a screen that was playing "Peppa Pig", an animated British TV show.

"Everything's gone. Everything", she said. They loaded people onto aircrafts and helicopters and flew them to Puerto Rico. "The only destruction we ever had was like road damage, fallen trees, some house roofs and poles, but nothing like this... it look like we had tornadoes in this one", he said of the devastating power of the Category 5 hurricane.

Puerto Rico has set up a large convention center to house refugees who can not afford to go to a hotel. Clothing and other utilities are donated by organizations. "There are people I've known for many, many years". For now, each refugee is given a "temporary stay".

Across the bay, at Sophers Hole, the remains of a large yacht are clearly visible, sitting atop a one-storey building. Some 47 British police officers have also arrived in the British Virgin Islands.

"The British people in the Overseas Territories deserve to see first-hand that the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary are doing everything they can to get a grip on this national disaster".

Volunteers and the government officials have helped clear some of the roads. "And I went through Marilyn", he said, referring to the 1995 storm.

Other families made similar plans.

St. Thomas resident Laci Rivers, 33, was waiting on board the Royal Caribbean's Majesty of the Seas, eager to bring her two small children to safety after days of uncertainty.

"Everybody's pulling their children out", she said.

He gave Connor and Cox five minutes to decide whether they wanted his help, and shortly afterward, Parr said, they called.

Kaiann Macleay and her husband had been at a St. Martin resort when Hurricane Irma struck.

Colonel Weekes said the flights were organised by CARICOM governments, but said he was unable to answer "with any degree of clarity" a question regarding how long the flight will continue, "other than to say now I am again pulling together a list of persons as they come to me to put together a listing of Caribbean people who would be willing to depart from the BVI". "America wanted us at one time, but now they really don't". Joint Task Force-Leeward Islands is arriving in the eastern Caribbean today to start providing humanitarian assistance, to include water, sanitation, logistics support, movement of relief personnel and humanitarian commodities.

Boris Johnson has defended the Government's response to Hurricane Irma, insisting that criticism of its reaction to the "biggest consular crisis" the country had faced was "completely unjustified". They will keep St. John safe.

Mapp said about 90 percent of the lines and poles were down in St. Thomas and 50 percent were down in St. John. Is it going to North Carolina?' I'm like, 'Hello. It's time for the garbage truck to go out and pick up the garbage.