Beaufort County organizations to host International Overdose Awareness Day event

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Across the street from Tennessee High School at Edgemont Presbyterian Church. there are 144 small crosses on the lawn representing the 144 lives lost to drug overdoses each day. She's been clean since April 2014. "Let alone be able to organize something like this", she said.

Brewster stresses that anyone using an opioid is at risk for overdose. But I found out coming out at the other end is handsome.

"We scheduled that (first) hearing for three hours", said Yaw. "The last one was the last one".

"Last year emergency crews with our Great Falls EMS used naloxone or narcan almost 50 times to reduce the affects of someone the believe was suffering from an overdose so its definitely here and something we need to be concerned about and aware of", said Houston.

The event was put on with help from Join Together Atlantic County, an addiction prevention and education coalition within Atlantic Prevention Resources.

In 2016, 62,000 people died of overdose - a 19 percent increase over the year prior - a figure that equates to deaths from the Vietnam and Iraq wars combined, said Robert Grolling, CASA-Trinity Center of Excellence supervisor. Narcan nasal spray kits, paid for by a grant received by the state Department of Children and Families, were distributed.

"We have a harm-reduction philosophy".

Santos said she doesn't want anyone to walk in her shoes and she believes change can start with a group of people coming together. In the few months that she has been a member, Felts said she has recruited a few more members.

"I lost my 45-year-old son in December of '14". People who have been directly affected by overdose or opioid use came out to speak to the crowd.

Kyle Griffin died from an overdose and his mother understands the toll addiction can have on families.

"Once or twice a week I hear about somebody dying of a fentanyl overdose that I personally know", Kutrina Blake, a former addict, told Global News. Cartenfentanil is 10,000 times more powerful than morphine that is generally used as a tranquilizer for exotic animals such rhinos, elephants and hippos. She will attend the Helping Each Other Heal vigil and remembrance ceremony tonight in New Canaan's Pop-Up Park. Those trained reported 132 uses this year, prevention supervisor Laura Runchey said.