Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus launched with A11 Bionic chipset

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Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) just opened the doors to its brand-new Steve Jobs Theater for the first time to host its annual iPhone event.

How do these prices compare to the iPhone 7 under the Apple Upgrade Program?

The iPhone X will cost $1799 (64GB) or $2099 (256GB).

Gene Munster, an analyst with Loup Ventures, believes sales of the watch could double or even triple because of the new connectivity. The new watch will come with Apple's latest smartwatch software preinstalled, dubbed WatchOS 4, which brings improvements to the watch's heart rate monitoring and other new features. True to its secretive ways, Apple hasn't confirmed what it will be announcing, though a financial forecast issued last month telegraphed something significant in the pipeline.

Today doesn't just mark the unveiling of new iPhones.

And here is the iPhone 8 unveiled on Tuesday.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will be available for pre-order on Sept. 15 and ship on Sept. 22.

To go to the home screen, one will have to swipe up from the bottom.

Cook was quick to point out the milestones Apple Watch had reached - increasing its sales 50 percent year-over-year, and becoming the most popular watch in the world - although he still hasn't revealed the exact number of smartwatches the company has sold. These will be available in the US starting from September 22nd.

Curious how one unlocks the iPhone X with no Touch ID functionality?

The phone will also use facial recognition to unlock the device as well as other features. Lifehacker has run the numbers before and found that if you keep your phone in good condition and sell it annually, you'll probably save more money than when you trade it in every year.

The old 32GB/128GB/256GB tiers have been replaced with a simpler, more streamlined 64GB/256GB line. Apple is calling this "Face ID".

However, according to Apple, these cannot be termed as filters as they carry out analysis of the users face in real-time.

As for the AirPods case mentioned above, we haven't seen anything more than what was mentioned in the keynote.

Fast forward to today: The average selling price of an iPhone is $605 - and no one blinks an eye. Of course, there are poos and aliens too. You can also get different portrait lighting modes on the cameras. And much like the iPhone 8, the iPhone X will support wireless charging on the Qi charging standard. During the unveil, Apple said there will be an "introductory offer" from carriers but didn't give any details on that.

Of course, all of this advanced technology won't come cheap. This panel covers almost the entire front surface of the iPhone X save a "notch" at the top that contains cameras, proximity sensors, a speaker, and face-sensing hardware.

Apple has designed a new chip that it calls the A11 Bionic chip, a six-core powerhouse that includes two high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores. The improved lenses of the iPhone 8 Plus absorb 83 percent more light for better low-light shooting.