All three colors of the iPhone X will have black front glass

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There are also some new video recording modes, including 1080p 240fps slow motion, 4K 24fps and 4K 60fps. So you don't have to touch on the device in order to make the phone work, but just look at the display and everything will be done itself. A report from TechCrunch claims there will be a gap between the iPhone 7s release date and the arrival of the iPhone 8. The feature takes advantage of the new device's 3D camera support to customize the emoji based on facial expressions detected by the camera.

According to preliminary data, Russian Federation entered the second wave of sales of the new smartphone, and this means that you can buy it in online stores will only three weeks after the announcement, not before. Just move your face around the front facing cam and you'll be good to go. We have been seeing this feature in many chatting applications.

There are also clues to how the new side button will be used to interact with some of iOS's main features without the Home button. It is learnt that these animated versions will be called "Animoji", which will employ facial tracking and voice commands to produce expressive animated messages such as a smiling pile of poop.

On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal also reported that Apple's iPhone manufacturers were having production issues over the summer. They said that all three new iPhone models will be revealed on Tuesday, but the tenth anniversary model might not actually start landing on store shelves until sometime in October.

Barclays analyst Mark Moskowitz and his team think they have figured that out, positing that Apple could offer free subscriptions to Apple Music and 200 GB of iCloud storage for one year, a deal worth $156, to anyone who buys iPhone 8.

Starting with what might be the most interesting new discovery: Portrait Lighting. When users are on a call and outside the Phone app, the current iPhones show a green highlight banner with the time on a call across the top of the screen. If true, this means that checking on the charge on your AirPods or case will be much easier.

The massive outpouring of information includes a new set of wallpapers that feature Apple's traditional abstract color patterns, images of flowers, and the planet Earth, as well as a new set of retro-style rainbow color patterns. So the entire things will be changed on the display while you connect your phone with the charger. Apple won't budge on the idea of making low-priced phones with large screens; it'll leave that market behind.

Once a face is detected, iOS 11 will assist users in framing the shot and aligning their features accordingly, as evidenced via the video below.