About 100 Harvey student evacuees enrolled at Austin ISD

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Houston Independent School District is set to reopen it's doors to students in about a week, but in the meantime, faculty and board members are doing what they can right now to help families who have suffered losses because of Harvey.

"Springwood staff are getting ready and have worked hard from April until now with such commitment and they will continue until the last minute to make sure they are ready to welcome students on September 6", Bennett said.

The waiver will go into effect immediately when schools in the district reopen after the storms.

Other major storms around the country have kept schools closed for extended periods.

City officials have been working to make sure evacuees know where the closest school is located.

ABC News reports that, according to the Texas Education Agency, there have been closures in 200 out of 1,200 school districts statewide. However, officials told parents they should still "complete and return the application" if they had already started one. Last year, the district opened two new schools: Miami Norland Senior High and MAST at Key Biscayne.

Shout out to school districts that have gone above and beyond the call of duty during this time! Football and volleyball players came out Tuesday to help with the cleanup of their school.

India Hook Elementary school will soon give a helping hand as well. They must also maintain and publish capacity plans on their websites that specify exactly how many seats are available, so that administrators can't game the system by favoring some students over others, or disallowing transfer students entirely.

"We want to play some small role in helping them get back to a normal and regular life as much as we possibly can", Frost said.

"Our biggest priorities are helping these children feel welcome and safe while we have the opportunity to educate them", said Brandon Webb, executive director of communications and public affairs.

Thousands of students and parents across Houston are wondering if, when, and where school will start this year for them. The boys weren't complaining about missing school, but their mother was more wary. Regardless, it is important to pause and reflect on what a new school year means. When classes resume, HISD will provide all of its students with three meals each day because of the Hurricane Harvey devastation. Exceptions also can be made for districts that see sharp drops in enrollment due to evacuations, Callahan said. "It's going to take a lot of money to restore these schools".

The early damage to Houston's colleges, meanwhile, appeared to be less widespread.

Standard school supply items and backpacks are in high demand and non-perishable items and toiletries also will be accepted.

Harvey affected all of the inspected buildings - some "very minimally" and "others more significantly", he said.