Xbox Update today: Insider Customization Aplenty

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There's no official announcement just yet, but a Spotify app is on its way to Xbox One. Furthermore, it is only compatible with Windows 10 devices like laptops and tablets that have USB 2.0 or 3.0 support.

Windows 10 players get a few new options added directly to the Game Bar, like a Game Mode switch. You will receive an email with these four game codes after the console has been shipped, which you can redeem as soon as you have the hardware in your hot little hands.

Fluent means that almost everything has changed.

The PS5 was tentatively confirmed by Sony in June with the Japanese gaming giant revealing that they WILL release a next-generation successor to the PS4. The feature was fantastic on PlayStation 4.

Also much improved and revamped is the guide, AKA the menu icons. The new Xbox dashboard aims to make the user interface more customizable, less confusing, and more sociable.

Turning games, apps and people into blocks is pretty easy.

Complete the "New Guide Experience" Quest and let us know what you think about the speed and organization of the updated Guide.

This tool will repair common computer errors, protect you from file loss, malware, hardware failure and optimize your PC for maximum performance.

Traditional pins aren't going away, however. While you may have to wait a while longer to get the update yourself, Microsoft is showing it off and answering questions during a livestream today.

According to Xbox's Mike Ybarra, "This is just the beginning of some major updates arriving for Xbox gamers later this year". All the new ones will. I mean the developers are putting them in.

A second potential indicator that Spotify is coming to the Xbox One comes from a Microsoft employee who was spotted using the service. Updates to Home, Guide and Community are available today, with updates to Avatars, Game Hubs, Profiles and more coming in the Autumn. The third one, called the Patrol Tech Special edition, features navy blue with hints of laser-engrave accents around the front.

While the new information is exciting, there are no dates listed or speculated as to when can Xbox users finally start listening to Spotify on their consoles.

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