Windows 10 Introduces Gaze Tracking Technology in New Insider Build 16257

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The same Windows 10 Insider Preview Build (v16257) now brings support for additional default colours on the command prompt, giving users a dramatic change to Windows Console's legacy blue to improve its legibility.

In Build 16257 Microsoft caught everyone off guard by adding a huge accessibility feature, Eye Tracking, to the operating system.

If you already installed the latest Windows 10 Mobile Insider build on your handset, you may have noticed something interesting in the Settings app.

This all presumes you have a compatible Tobii Eye Tracker accessory, which, at the moment, is limited to the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C. Developers, you can thank Microsoft summer intern Craig Loewen for the overhaul.

Not all cameras work with Windows' Eye Control, however, and Tobii's own Eye Tracker 4C will be the first one to support the new feature.

If you're on the Slow ring, you can get today's build by going to Settings - Update & security - Windows Update - Check for updates. Staring at a particular point on screen will allow standard mouse actions to be performed with the help of an on screen control box. It works with a regular on-screen keyboard by just dwelling on the letter you need to type. Currently, only the EN-US keyboard layout is supported.

Aside to the general improvement and fixes, Microsoft introduced another feature included in Eye Control called "shape writing,". Users can select the keyboard from the launchpad and "dwell" on the characters they want to type.

The next computer you buy may be controlled with only your eyes. The address bar has also received some updates, where it will remain under the cursor as long as it's not in focus and you aren't clicking on it or dragging any text around.

While Eye Control sounds like a fun new way to operate your laptop, Microsoft is positioning it as a more important tool.

Using Microsoft's Hyper-V virtualization technology, WDAG is able to isolate and contain the threat of potential malware downloaded via the browser. For now, the development is in beta stage and users will need to sign up to Microsoft's insider programme to get access.

"The new default colours will modernize the look of the Windows Console and make it more congruent with other terminal experiences, such as the integrated terminal in VSCode", the company added.