Watch the trailer for next week's 'Game Of Thrones'

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After two weeks of fairly mundane episodes in which Game of Thrones re-established the myriad story-lines that have been brewing for the past seven years, this Sunday's episode made some real progress. They talked about a lot without it ever being boring, and the scene remained tense throughout, as the two rulers refused to concede on even the smallest point.

As it turns out, Tyene and Ellaria are Cersei's gifts, and she happily accepted them. And the Lannisters pay their debts, even if it isn't in gold. In the short clip, Cersei is seen moving closer to her path-breaking victory while Daenerys says, "All my allies are gone". Their reunion, however, is more focused on joining forces.

Tyrion steps in to support Jon Snow. But, more importantly, Olenna used her dying breath to plant a seed with Jaime, who now knows that Cersei's crusade against Tyrion was unfounded.

"I had faith. Not in myths and legends".

Aegon Targaryen looks the part, and he's landed on the Storm Coast, the same as Daenerys in the show, but there's a little bit of doubt about whether he's really a Targaryen, or a convincing fake put up by Varys to steal the crown. Her daddy, the Mad King Aerys, killed his grandfather and uncle. And there's Jaime, blind in love, still pledging his allegiance to his lover. Cersei kisses the Sand Snake and guess what! And how euphoric Cersei is. Now, as brutal as this is, Ellaria is also a monster driven by rage and hatred who killed an innocent child, so this punishment nearly seems just.

Missandei smiles as she has a private conversation with Daenerys on the beaches of Dragonstone. Fifteen days is she what she wants, and she promises to fix things. This works, but Greyworm and the Unsullied are surprised there are not as numerous Lannister army as there should be in this episode of Game of Thrones. She promised him that he would have everything that he wanted in the event that they end up winning the war.

Bran is inhuman enough now to think that telling your sister how lovely she looked on the night she was raped by her monstrous ex-husband is acceptable small talk.

Nothing good comes out of that song. Let us know below, and also check out some of our Game of Thrones interviews from Comic-Con.

And, nobody sees this coming except Olenna. She was sorry Joffrey died in such a grotesque way, she faux-lamented. He's beaten grey scale! His life was saved because of the surgery performed by Samwell Tarly.

Vanity Fair notes that Casterly Rock "has never resonated with fans" the way other ancestral homes like Winterfell have, but it explains why it matters so much to Tyrion, and digs deep into its place in both the books (referencing "Lann the Clever") and in the show.

He, on the other hand, has no expressions on his face. Bran knocks this out of the park though, as he is now the three-eyed raven. "You wouldn't understand", he says, blank-faced. Then, we got Olenna's (Diana Rigg) final scene in the show. And it's likely she will also reunite with her sister Sansa when she arrives.

Still believes her own PR too much ...