Trump Goes on Vacation

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President Trump's approval rating dropped to an all-time low in a new poll that shows his administration may be losing support from its traditional backers. The New York Times did not apologize for its Trump coverage. Poll-takers asked Republican voters in the state who they would support in 2020 primary.

A new poll suggests that President Donald Trump's support among Republicans is shrinking, in spite of his recent claims that his base is growing.

Just over six months into his own tenure as President, Trump, 71, has been no stranger to golf's green pastures.

As was clear from Donald Trump's new Facebook vlog chronicling the events of the week, the administration prefers to accentuate the positive when it comes to covering the happenings in Washington, D.C.

Trump is doing even worse with a key demographic segment that propelled him into office: white voters without a college degree.

In a poll by CNN, 52 per cent of respondents say Twitter is not an effective way for the president to communicate, and almost a quarter say tweets don't send a good message to the rest of the world. Fifty-two percent answered that they would vote for Gov. John Kasich of OH, while just 40 percent responded that they'd support Trump. He also said that video footage of Trump golfing makes it look like he's on vacation, but if you look at the tweet you "see right there, "meetings and calls" with an exclamation point". "They are telling him just enact your program... focus on the agenda". "We have to get the big items across the finish line". Trump punched back with snark about Blumental having said in a speech, seven years back, that he had served in Vietnam.

"Interesting to watch Senator Richard Blumenthal of CT talking about hoax Russian collusion when he was a phony Vietnam con artist!" he wrote. But even on vacation at one of his many golf courses, the President could not let things go.

According to reports by Vice News, Trump begins each day perusing a special folder of documents compiled by his staffers. When he talked about Vietnam, Trump said his conquests and bravery were all fabrications and he cried, begging for forgiveness like a baby.

"I'm very concerned that the Department of Justice is weaponizing these laws for its personal and political ends, and specifically for the White House's purposes", Blumenthal said. "I had streams of people wanting to take pictures with the cutout".

Blumenthal responded in a pair of tweets.