Trump goes after McConnell on Twitter

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Trump still thinks that the presidency is an episode of The Apprentice. Developed a healthcare plan that 50 Republicans in the Senate would have liked, that would have complied with the rules of budget reconciliation, and that would have been popular?

Trump called McConnell to express his "disappointment" with those comments after they got out, the New York Times reported.

At an event ahead of last weekend's Fancy Farm picnic, McConnell said he would be willing to consider a proposalthat would make changes to the Affordable Care Act with support from Democrats-he had previously planned on passing a measure with only Republican votes.

"I'm very disappointed in Mitch", the president told reporters after assailing McConnell on Twitter for two days.

McConnell remains a critical ally for the president moving forward.

Congressional budget analysts estimated that the "skinny repeal" would have caused 16 million Americans to lose health insurance over the next decade, fewer than the 22 million people estimated to lose their health insurance under the previous Senate bill. Asked whether McConnell should resign, Trump said to wait and see if he can get repeal and replace done. And frankly it shouldn't have happened. "SenateMajLdr must have needed another 4 years - in addition to the 7 years - to repeal and replace Obamacare".

Trump's tweets may have been an effort to disassociate himself from Congress, and the failure of Republicans' legislative efforts. "You can do it!"

On Tuesday, McConnell partly blamed deadlines set by Trump and others for the perception that Republicans have failed to follow through on their campaign promises. McConnell is the man in control of his legislative legacy.

"The Senate has a longer job guarantee than Trump", the analyst said in an email.

A burgeoning feud between President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could have significant ramifications for the GOP's once ambitious policy agenda.

McConnell reportedly told rotary guests that the president's lack of political experience was to blame for the delays around repealing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. He just said, "Maybe he needs to understand that we can't always do all these lofty things". However, after over six months in office, the former host of "The Apprentice" has been unable to rally enough Republicans by his side in writing off Obamacare. He will ask: 'Did Obama approve this?' And if the answer is affirmative, he will say: 'We don't.' He won't even want to listen to the arguments or have a debate.