Thursday Apple Rumors: iPhone 8 to Include Virtual Home Button

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Is there anything more annoying than being subjected to the beeps, bloops and dings of a stranger's frantic WhatsApp group chat? While digging around some source code, a Twitter user found lines of text suggesting that the iPhone 8 will silence notifications when peering at the OLED display.

iOS developer Guilherme Rambo discovered the code, tweeting images displaying the phrases "Attention Awareness Observer" and "Attenuating [to reduce the force or effect of] Tones For Attention Detected".

There's no way Apple will surprise us with the iPhone 8's design come September. Are you looking forward the new flagships?

Another major feature which Apple CEO Tim Cook has been talking a lot about of late is that of the AR technologies. Word has it that the phone might even do away with the touch-ID sensor and instead make use of an under-display fingerprint scanner.

- First, the 3D sensor could be placed at the front since it has to perform multiple functions via facial recognition.

There's been a host of leaks about the upcoming iPhone recently, most of which have been sourced from accidentally-released HomePod firmware, which also runs iOS. Needless to say, it would still feel like there's a physical home button on the device underneath the screen real estate that's dedicated to the user interface. Now, we've got some more alleged schematics for the iPhone 8's motherboard.

Digitimes, has the news for the latest iPhone which was provided to them by its sources.

Kuo previously said the iPhone 8 would be available in a limited number of colors, but made no mention of its two companion devices. So far the phone is believed to be launched in black, silver and jet black while some have the opinion that gold could also be an option.

According to the video, the iPhone 8 dummy unit has no Home button and no Touch ID as a effect. However, and not particularly surprising - given that it should be quite hard to manufacture - Kuo reportedly says Apple won't ship the premium OLED iPhone in very large numbers during the third quarter of the year.

So want to know everything we're expecting from the iPhone 8? Moreover, Apple sold over 45 million iPhones in Q4 2016 therefore if the stock remains tightly restricted until Q1 2018 as Ming-Chi Kuo predicts, then this coming Christmas period is under threat.