That's right, honey! 'Will & Grace' revival gets green light for 2nd season

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Mutchnick says they are not filming back-to-back, and that there will be some downtime before the second season premieres.

"For example, trans rights were introduced and cancelled just like a lot of the shows we've been on individually, so thank-you".

The show's stars grace the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly and inside they open up about creating TV magic together again.

"We frankly did not want to seem them being either good parents or bad parents", creator David Kohan told EW of the decision to cut out Will and Grace's families. "We just want to hold off on telling you some of that because it will take away from some of the fun".

When the series ended in 2006, it flashed forwarded in time to show what Will Truman (McCormack), Grace, Jack, and Karen Walker's (Mullally) lives looked like in the future.

Sean Hayes, who plays Jack McFarland, said: "When we got the initial order of 12, I thought that didn't seem like enough".

Messing pointed out that "Will & Grace" was ahead of the curve with its portrayal of gay characters and culture.

On Wednesday, the fab four got together for their first table read in 11 years - and they didn't miss a beat, quickly slipping back into their characters' personas.

Kohan teases that "circumstances bring them together again". "They have had their lives", said Kohan. Last year, Debra, 48, admitted she would be keen for the show to return but wanted to do a "naughty" version on an on-demand service.

"The finale was written when there was no anticipation of ever continuing the show", Greenblatt pointed out. They live in the world and have opinions. "I wasn't ready to come out then".

The revival grew out of the election video the cast made last fall, which revealed that Karen (Megan Mullally) is a Donald Trump supporter, something the show is going to touch on when it returns.

That means opportunities to tackle stories in the headlines, including a growing understanding in the public of transgender issues (and on the flip side, President Trump's recent decree to ban transgender soldiers from serving in the military).

When Will first aired, NBC asked the writers to stress the friendships among the characters and downplay the fact that two of them, Will and Jack, were gay.