South Africa's parliament prepares to vote in Zuma no-confidence motion

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It also depends, if he is booted out then who comes in and whether the person that takes over and the ANC move in the right direction.

This is the party's latest attempt to remove President Jacob Zuma from office.

South Africa's economy has suffered lately, with rising unemployment resulting in increased public dissatisfaction at the current state of affairs in the country.

In 2005, he was charged with corruption over a multi-billion dollar arms deal from 1999 but the charges were dropped after he became President.

"It is clear that Jacob Zuma has sold out our country, including his own party. He mustn't retire in Nkandla, Zuma must go to JAIL!" Both Zuma and the Guptas have dismissed the accusations.

Ahead of the vote, opposition parties urged members of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) to vote against their President. Allegations of corruption have troubled the Zuma government in recent years.

For the current motion to succeed, the opposition would need to secure 201 out of 400 votes from MPs.

Maimane's announcement followed his party's failed motion of no confidence vote against Zuma on Tuesday.

The ruling African National Congress (ANC) suggested the opposition was hallucinating if it thought that would happen.

But the ANC - which holds a large majority in parliament - welcomed the decision to hold the vote by secret ballot and said it expected the no-confidence motion to fail.

As it stands President Zuma is likely to see through his second term until the year 2019.

He said the ANC continued to attract bigger numbers whether "white people" join opposition protests or not. With one-in-six ANC MPs voting against the party, there's now, officially, quite a crack.

"The ANC rejects this motion with the contempt it deserves", she said.

Zuma's victory earlier in the day was ensured by 198 votes supporting him against 177 in favor of the motion brought by the DA, while nine people abstained.

"I would like to thank you very much", Zuma told supporters. It is impossible: they can not. "We represent the majority".

Mr Zuma has upset investors in particular by removing finance minister Pravin Gordhan in March.

But ANC chief whip Jackson Mthembu said that at a meeting before the parliamentary session, the party had resolved to support him.