Samsung Galaxy S8 Active official with 'military-grade' specs

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Samsung says the device will be exclusive to the carrier for a limited time. We aren't aware of the device availability in the UAE. Pre-orders are available starting August 8th, and the phone will go up for sale online and in AT&T stores starting August 11th. The smartphone will be officially released on August 11, 2017. This means that AT&T will enjoy the exclusivity for a couple of days. Signing up to the TV service can also bag you a $500 coupon towards a Samsung TV, so there's plenty of value to be had if you're able to make use of these offers. The subscribers of AT&T can benefit from the offer at paying $28.34 for 30 months. The company calls the new display a "shatter resistant" screen. Like all other active variants, the device can bear the extreme environments.

Other highlights of the S8 Active include a beefier battery which is now up to 4000 mAh. Samsung had to ditch its Infinity Display screen in favor of housing the new rugged body. This is because the device has a shockproof housing.

Another reason why you might pick this over another Galaxy phone is the battery. The corners are still rounded and it's got the taller 18.5:9 aspect ratio, so there's some visual connection to the standard GS8.

A similar design story runs across both devices and it is clear they are cut from a similar cloth, but the standard S8 is the slimmer and neater of the two, while the S8 Active is bulkier. It comes with 64GB internal storage, which can be expanded upto 200GB.

Finally, after months of rumors running wild, the Galaxy S8 Active is official.

Samsung announced a more rugged version of the Galaxy S8 on Monday.

The S8 Active is, however, more than just sustaining drops and shocks.

The S8 Active is available for $850 in the United States with AT&T only can be pre-booked at the moment. Like Active phones from the past, the Galaxy S8 Active is an alternative to Samsung's current flagship offerings, only in a rugged form factor that can take a beating.