Ryan to face voters following Trump nationwide address

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House Speaker Paul Ryan will be in OR on Wednesday, holding a roundtable policy discussion at one of Intel's campuses in Hillsboro and a separate fundraiser for a pair of Republican House members.

Ryan said at the town hall that Trump had "messed up" in his responses, but the congressman also praised the president for a separate address delivered just before the town hall started in which he called for unity. That is why we all need to make clear there is no moral relativism when it comes to neo-Nazis.

But as the crowd applauded Jordan's question, Ryan launched into a lengthy polemic purporting that his legislative proposals are, in fact, in keeping with Catholic teaching. "Where we may disagree is on how to achieve that goal". It seemed those easiest to reach with a microphone were the ones who spoke, they said.

Congress this autumn is largely expected to focus on tax reform and passing a new government funding bill by 30 September to prevent a government shutdown on 1 October.

"The average tax rate on businesses in the industrialized world is 22.5%".

He said that an unemployed single mother of two risks losing federal benefits should she find a job.

"We've got to keep our moral outrage". "That means we have these benefits phase out in a certain way that fits her needs and goes and fixes it".

Ryan says previous strategies in Afghanistan were "convoluted" and what Trump outlined was a "more comprehensive strategy".

"I had high hopes", Mathewson asked Ryan.

Ryan says the factory will be transformational for the state because "it brings an entire sector to Wisconsin". "It gets a little weedy, but one of the challenges we had with health care reform, particularly in the Senate, is we had to use the Senate rules to write that bill".

Ryan's answer was met with furious boos and shouting from the audience, and for good reason.

During his first chaotic seven months in office, Mr Trump's administration has repeatedly been embroiled in issues related to staff shakeups, investigations into Trump campaign advisors' alleged ties to Russian Federation, and the President's own off-the-cuff remarks and tweets - all of which have appeared to distract from his policy agenda.

While the event was going on, protestors lined the streets of 8th and Main to send Speaker Ryan a message.

Ryan told the town hall he'd just met with father-son small business owners who are taxed at 35 percent, while their biggest competitor, a company in Canada, is taxed at 15 percent. "Principled realism is how I think he described it". The few that do not, like SNAP and Medicaid, are for basics like health care and food without which some people would not be able to work at all. In 1967, the first wave of government antipoverty programs lifted 4% of low-income Americans out of poverty.

During the town hall, Ryan also defended the $3 billion investment by Taiwan-based firm Foxconn Technology Group in Wisconsin, according to WJLA.com, an ABC-affiliate.