RAISE: Millennials Support Most of Trump's Immigration Policies

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The reductions would come largely from those brought in through family connections.

So what does our president propose? A cap on legal immigration sets an absolute bound to the extent of this government-induced distortion. The early two-thousands were littered with mea culpas and about-faces from prominent Democrats who, just years before, had taken strong stances against immigration. Some conservatives are all for family values - until they're not.

For instance, the townhouse complex where I live is served by a local landscaping company made up nearly entirely of immigrants from Mexico. They enhance every aspect of American life.

Carlos E. Sandoval is a member of the Florida Bar, the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the Broward County Hispanic Bar Association and the Broward County Bar Association. And they're more likely to be in the labor force. The bill was introduced by co-sponsors US senators Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) and David Perdue (R-Georgia). So highly skilled workers are leaving. We need to do that, obviously.

"While the stated objective of this bill is to increase skilled immigration to the US and protect the American work force, it would do neither of these things", immigration lawyer Susan Cohen wrote last week in the National Law Review.

Visa curtailments surely will hurt all of these industries - and they're the very industries that fuel most of the South Texas economy. It won't. It will ultimately cost American jobs, and American consumers will pay the price.

Assuming the points assigned for each criterion do not change, the result would be more highly skilled than low-skilled workers qualifying to enter the USA as permanent residents. Employers know who they need, what skills they need, and how many workers they need.

Federal officials have attributed the overall increase in part to President Trump's January 25 executive order dispatching more than 100 immigration judges to immigration jails across the country. Why not simply expand those programs, remove the artificial caps and make it simple? Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who may be young in years, but who is the poster boy for the party's ossified establishment, went to work dampening any expectations that we might have an immigration policy that serves the public interest any time soon.

Quotas and the free market simply can not coexist. Each person wishing to obtain a "green card" would, among other things, be expected to speak English.

And about a third of those admitted to reunite families have had college degrees anyway, according to news stories. New immigrants to the USA are indeed better educated than they used to be.

We've seen this movie before, by the way. This method was used for a century and more to keep minorities from voting and it could be used to keep so-called "unfit immigrants" from entering the U.S. However, that pattern shifted when immigrants began to arrive from Italy and other parts of Southern and Eastern Europe. Many employers are left with unfillable job vacancies - not because there isn't a pool of skilled workers, but because misguided immigration policies severely restrict their access to it.

William Stock is an attorney in Philadelphia, helping businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals of exceptional ability navigate the complicated U.S. immigration system.

One of the great tensions between open-borders ideology and conservatism involves the role of moderation.

Politico's poll came after a CNN poll released on Monday showed the president's approval rating at 38%, compared to 56% who disapproved.

"A new 'points based, ' meritocratic system for granting green cards directly to two categories of people: the best and the brightest global students in STEM disciplines; and the best and brightest and exceptionally experienced STEM foreign workers", he wrote.

The market will regulate immigration for the right reasons, if we would just allow it to do so.

Vinson Palathingal, executive director of the Vienna, VA, -based Indo-American Center and a prominent backer of the president, called for such a system in an April 2014 column.